In 2018, Birdblack Design were engaged by our clients at ‘Karimbla Residence’ to begin Phase 1 of their renovations – their Main Bathroom and Ensuite.  In 2020, we are presenting Phase 2: their Kitchen and Laundry!

‘Karimbla Residence’ is a townhouse structure, so existing walls proved a little tricky to work with. The Kitchen was subject to these constrictions, so Birdblack Design happily implemented our special style of creative design. In small spaces, we are always fond of floor to ceiling storage, utilising every inch of space. We are passionate about eliminating wasted space and ensuring functionality in dead corners. This particular kitchen had two dead corners, so we specified pull-out storage systems to maximise functionality.

During all the selection process, our clients trusted Birdblack Design to choose materials and finishes which they would not have selected independently. We love clients that trust our experience, vision and knowledge. We are sure that you will agree: the results are divine.

Interior Design: Birdblack Design
Build: Souter Constructions
Photography: Better Together Photography

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