The owners of this quaint home were absolutely in love with their little abode but knew that it was requiring some immediate attention if there was any chance their family of five were going to be able to live there merrily. Fortunately for us, they were able to see the adorable potential it might have with a bit of help and called us in to see just how beautiful and functional this gorgeous little home could be.

While our clients wanted a kitchen that stayed true to their sweet little home’s style, they were still interested in bringing aspects of the commercial kitchen game they had so much love for into the space. Introducing small details allowed us to softly incorporate a modern, industrial vibe within the space.

Finally, to finish of the space is the feature blackboard wall that covers the back wall of the kitchen. Here our clients commissioned an incredible chalk artist to come in and complete the whole space with an incredible chalk mural designed especially for them and their family. The result is an incredibly beautiful, functional and personalised kitchen that is going to treat this family for a life time.

Interior Design: Birdblack Design‍
Photography: Hannah Ladic Photography