Furniture Curation Package

This beachside residence, home to a family of four, blends home-style living, functionality and coastal breezes brilliantly thanks to our Furniture Curation Package being added into the Full Home Design Package. Definitive style threads tie this whole project together. Through colours, materials and patterns, we have created unique rooms whilst the full home works pleasurably harmoniously.

This room has the two young children specifically in mind, as a breakout space whilst Mum and Dad are entertaining. With abstract cushions, pops of colour and rust-coloured ottomans, this room is perfect in allowing kids to be kids! On the floor is a creative rug with a sea-blue hand drawn pattern that sits perfectly over the polished concrete flooring. The soft grey snuggle lounge is perfect for story-time and quiet moments.

Welcome to Mum and Dad’s entertainment space! The custom lounge in a blush pink linen fabric is complemented beautifully with cushions and throws of tans, blacks and blues. The textured wool rug underfoot in light and medium greys contrasts perfectly with the dark timber flooring underneath.

Throughout the entire home, you will find oak timber. Here the coffee table, side table and lamp continue that aesthetic. Simple black framing keeps it simple!

A custom pink concrete Dining Table top coincides with the blush pink lounge in this open living space. The pink concrete is paired with woven leather dining chairs and bar stools, creating a casual appeal and very soft seating: a must for any entertaining family! The artworks we selected reflect the ocean views you can see through many of the windows. Birdblack Design created cohesion inside and out.

Our favourite aspect of this room is undoubtedly the whimsical cloud patterned wallpaper, wrapping around the entire bedhead and into the niche above the bedhead. What a fabulous contrast against dark flooring!

The solid oak bed frame creates continuity, as does the blush pink and terracotta coloured bed linen. The two artworks in blues contrast the blush pink to add vibrancy.

This little girl loves pink! Therefore we selected a rose-gold bed with pink linen to work perfectly with some green and white checker-patterned cushions. We added in a white and pink abstract design wallpaper for extra oomph and we are confident that this room will age beautifully with the little girl. She will be able to enter her double-digit years in this room as it does not ‘baby’ her. We are passionate about trends with longevity!

The little boy has moved from a cot to a bunk bed and he loves dinosaurs! To create cohesion, we utilised the same abstract design wallpaper, but in a beautiful blue. This is super cute as you walk past their bedrooms. A checkered rug (again continuity in patterns) in grey tones means the little boy can play and grow up in this room.

On to a fabulous adult guest room now! A divine four-poster bed in an oak frame is harmonious with the rest of the home. We added in royal blues, greys and greens to reflect the outdoors and finished it off with a simple bedside table and lamp.

Interior Design & Furniture Curation: Birdblack Design
Photography: Better Together Photography Co
Building Design & Build: GN Williams Custom Homes
Shoot Stylist: Birdblack Design

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