Furniture Curation Package

Hold on to your hats folks! This is the Furniture Curation Package you have been waiting for! This home boasts panoramic views of both the ocean and the mountainside. Birdblack Design was approached to curate the top two levels of this three-storey home. We also completed the installation for this interior, including being onsite for all deliveries, installing and assembling all items. We even hung all the artworks and mirrors, ensuring perfection.

In total, at ‘Mountain Residence’ we curated: one Dining Room, one Casual Living Room, a Casual Sitting Room, a Formal Sitting Room, one Study, one Alfresco Dining Area and two Alfresco Living Areas.

We also curated one Master Bedroom and four Guest Bedrooms!

With so many rooms requiring attention, it was important to have solid themes flowing throughout the entirety of the home, whilst ensuring each room had its own character and charm. We did not want the home to be a cookie-cutter design, but to allow each room to “wow” on its own accord.

The home is very white and stark, so immediately we knew the curation required injecting the space with colour, texture and layering. With both the ocean and the mountainside just outside the windows, Birdblack Design was inspired by the colours and the textures of the outdoors and sought to bring that inspiration to the home.

Let’s start the tour!

This couple love to entertain – as you can probably guess from the four guest bedrooms. Their custom lounge was made to fit a multitude! Delightful light grey fabric with variations on both colour and texture makes this a very homely lounge.

The feature piece of this space is the divine rug. It is quite literally a piece of art on the floor. With its abstract patterns in blues, greens, whites and greys, this rug was custom made to match both the panoramic ocean views and mountain views throughout the home.

The rug can be appreciated whilst standing on it, sitting around it, but is also definitely a focal piece when looking down onto it from upper levels of the home. It reminds us of rock-pool aerial shots! Surrounding cushions and throws pick up on the colour selections, creating continuity and layering affects.

So as not to compete with the Lounge Room, a simple Dining Table was selected. A ten-seater Dining Table in a herringbone-pattern timber table top and dark grey linen chairs allows both the rug and the artworks to sing. Every artwork was specifically chosen to match the furniture in each room. In this room, we have dark navy prints with a brass framing. Pure elegance!

A fabulous pair of Australian made custom armchairs in navy velvet sit next to a grey linen sofa. The white tiles are bright and stark, so the soft sand-coloured, textured rug brings a certain warmth and softness underfoot.

We selected a simple coffee table and console table, picking up on the themes of whites and oak timber, allowing the artworks and decorative pieces to showcase the ocean blues and beach textures. The seashell lamp is quite the sculptural piece and the bamboo framing brings another element of calm into the space.

These spaces continue the earthiness of the home’s aesthetic, creating more calming spaces for the family and their guests to enjoy. The oak timber, rattan and colour palettes continue throughout all the alfresco areas.

This is a very mature room in the home featuring charcoals and navy blue colour palettes. Birdblack Design selected darker tones for the sofas, contrasting with a simple white coffee table with a fine open frame.

This custom rug is the highlight of the room, reflecting the colours of the beach: sandy tones, whites and blues. The rug is a combination of wool and silk, meaning it produces iridescent light effects as light hits the silk. These effects change throughout the day depending on the angle of the light. The outdoors is once again celebrated inside and the aerial rock-pool aesthetic is alive and well.

The artworks again consist of blues, brass and painted bamboo frames, as is the theme of the entire home. The paintings themselves are very coastal with palm trees and corals within the graphics. Exquisite.

Now, onto the bedrooms! As mentioned above, there are 5 bedrooms in total. Not one bedroom is identical to another: they are all unique and display their own charm. Every Guest Bedroom required linen, cushions, lamps, rugs and artworks. We added colour, pattern and texture, creating the ultimate coastal vibe. We specified beds, bedsides, dressing tables and mirrors as well. Birdblack Design definitely does it all!

Elegance is the theme of this room! A navy blue velvet bedhead complete with accent cushions and a grey velvet doona cover screams comfort. The cushions are textural and patterned in a way that is calming, not overwhelming. The bedside tables feature carved timber work and the furniture is predominantly black including the reading nook and the bench seat to remove one’s shoes. The colours, patterns and textures are all very complimentary to the oceanic artworks with watercolour effects.

Oak timbers carry throughout the home and are again found in this Guest Bedroom. We specified soft blue linens to be complemented with mustard and rust-coloured accents with blush pink. The oversized glass lamps with white shades overtop are just divine.

Creating different coastal looks in all these bedrooms was super fun! This room features light blues and light greens. We wanted the bed linen to be very simple so we specified a soft green to complement all the white furniture surrounding it. The rattan bedhead adds texture and warmth. The artworks, the reading chair and the cushions work together perfectly to complete the look.

This room was painted a sea-foam blue, therefore earthy tones were desired. The combination of dark timber furniture, sand-toned bed linen and clay-coloured accents within the artworks and cushions make this Guest Bedroom very homely. The lamps add in a certain textural element.

We adore the khaki green colour palette in this room: from the doona cover to the cushions, it looks fabulous contrasting against the dark flooring and the blue feature wall. The textural rug adds soft warmth to this space.

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Interior Design & Furniture Curation: Birdblack Design
Photography: Better Together Photography Co