‘Urban Miss’ is one of our interstate projects, located in Townsville, Qld. The business owner heard about our work with ‘Toscani & Blow Bar’ here in Wollongong, NSW, and her interest was piqued. Our client desired upsizing her business and came to us with a blank canvas full of Birdblack Design potential.

Blessed with a spacious building, we were engaged to cater to the ‘Urban Miss’ brand. A contemporary beauty haven, we included gorgeous pinks, plenty of gold bling and abounding greenery to really bring a fresh appeal.

‘Urban Miss’ specialises in fabulous brows, lovely lashes and all-round makeup services. In addition, they are a haven for stocking countless beauty retail items, including their custom foundation blends. Our client wanted to bring New York to Townsville and established a Foundation Bar where you can have the perfect and unique blend for your undertones created. Incorporating a Blow Bar into the space means treating clientele to alcoholic beverages and other delights whilst they attend to their makeup and hair. We love a good pamper session. Combine that with gorgeous aesthetics and celebratory cocktails – what is not to love?!

Due to the nature of the business, spatial planning was imperative. With multiple services and retail zones, we had to be innovative and creative within the space. Birdblack Design incorporated the Main Reception, the Brow Station, Foundation Bar, the Make-Up Station, Selfie Wall, Merchandising & Retail Zones, wash basins and of course, the Cocktail Bar.

Upon entry, you are greeted by a warm and friendly receptionist – and what a statement the Main Reception is! Two full height columns clad in v-joint panels define the space. The lower section of the Reception Desk is constructed of half-dowel timber pieces, painted in a gorgeous blush pink. The benchtop, made from a Carrara marble laminate adds immediate luxury aesthetics. Behind the Reception Desk, Birdblack Design incorporated timber laminate joinery, enclosing the reception paperwork and essentials. Above the joinery, you find fabulous patterned wallpaper wrapping the entire wall. Enter the bling: brass wall lights and the striking ‘Urban Miss’ signage.

The Brow Station comprises of two rooms: a dark and moody space with dark emerald green walls clad in a v-joint board. Light grey linen sheer curtains complete the spaces.

Arches and curves are featured throughout ‘Urban Miss’. The Selfie Wall arch is mirrored in the Cocktail Bar: a curved bar! Tiled in gloss pink ceramic square tiles, white concrete benchtop and polished concrete flooring; this space is perfect for pampering.

The Make-Up Stations are custom-designed to accommodate several make-up artists and all their essentials. Navy accents are found throughout the space, adding elegance and charm. Brass handles ooze opulence.  ‘Urban Miss’ is certainly a fun, upbeat, glamorous environment to enjoy many times over!

Interior Design: Birdblack Design
Build: AC Jones Builders
Photography: Josephine Carter Photography