“Humble beginnings” has never been a truer statement when looking back on the office Birdblack Design began in. It was the size of shoebox and filled to the brim with samples and equipment. Our new Design Studio is such a breath of fresh air!

Sarah and Dave purchased their home with the intention of having a separate space where the Birdblack Design Studio could be located. Dreams became a reality when the entire lower level of their home was transformed into a fully functioning Design Studio.

Internal walls were knocked down to open up floor space,allowing for multiple workstations, our sample library, our meeting table and excessive storage. It was important to incorporate a kitchenette, as we believe in hospitality and warmth, not just stark design! Our kitchenette tucks in at the back of the office.

The old bathroom was completely stripped out. Our new bathroom is classic black and white styling, with brand new tiles and fittings.

In terms of the actual Studio though, we went bold with our colour choices. The abstract wallpaper mural wraps around two windows and draws your attention immediately as you walk through the door. The remaining walls complement the base colour with a dark cobalt blue.

The floors tiles are porcelain with a natural limestone look to them. They lighten the area and allow practicality in easy cleaning. All the joinery is consistent with ebony and oak timber tones.

We absolutely love working in this space on a daily basis. If you have an inspiring vision for your own office space and need our help, please reach out! We certainly appreciate the necessity of having a great work space – after all, most of us live there 40hrs a week!

Interior Design: Birdblack Design
Build: Graeme Carberry Builder
Photography: The Palm Co
Videography: PipeWolf Media