Welcome to our very own Birdblack Design Designer Showroom! A long-term vision of Owner and Founder, Sarah Nolen, was for Birdblack Design to have their very own Studio and Showroom all in one location. Here in our new home, we have the offices on our Mezzanine and the Ground Floor dedicated to our clientele. As you walk through the glass doors, you are met with abundant cabinetry, stunning joinery and open shelving. On display are beautiful and artful pieces, enticing creativity and innovation.

In the centre are stone tables for selections, further to the back is our meeting space. Hanging overhead are fabulous pendants and large artworks adorn the walls.

Live greenery grounds the space, being a welcoming force. We look forward to having you come by and visit!

Interior Design: Birdblack Design
Shoot Stylist: Birdblack Design
Photographer: Better Together Photography Co