‘Sandy Foot Residence’ is home to a young family: two fitness industry entrepreneurs and their two young children. This couple desired a vibrant Modern Industrial home, perfect for entertaining and raising their family for years to come.

On the upper level, at the end of the hallway, you find the Primary Suite. Birdblack Design created very much a Hotel Suite layout and aesthetic and as you enter, you feel the comfort emerge.

The Suite entry is a vestibule with a console table to drop your keys, phone and wallet onto. From the entry, this Primary Suite is designed in a loop so that the three zones, the Bedroom, the Ensuite and the Robe are all intertwined with functional access between all three. Turn right from the entry to head into the Bedroom, or turn left to enter the Robe. A 2-way door leads into the Ensuite, providing a loop affect in the Suite.

Interior Design & Furniture Curation: Birdblack Design
Building Design & Build: GN Williams Custom Homes
Photography: Better Together Photography Co
Videography: PipeWolf Media

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