The influence for this Master Suite was the Brazilian jungle. One half of this client pairing is Brazilian, so we wanted to pay homage to their native country. We also wanted to create a holiday feel within this suite, exuding luxury every day. Birdblack Design specified big and bold patterns, and nothing was off-limits for this couple. The wallpaper is the feature and drives the intention for all the colours and finishes throughout the adjoining rooms.

From a layout perspective, the original Master Bedroom was large and unutilised. With this wasted space, we created a walk-in robe, which houses all the hanging and drawers for their clothing. The Ensuite was also enlarged, and their previous robe closet has been redesigned as a shoe closet for all their designer shoes to be on display and within easy access in the mornings and evenings.

The flooring is timber, creating a very natural platform for all the greens and mustards to jump off.

In the Ensuite, we have a wall-to-wall oversized shower with a ledge that runs the entire length of the room, from the shower, into the integrated benchtop for the vanity and then right along as a ledge above the in-wall toilet cistern. The colours in the Ensuite reflect the colours of the tropical wallpaper, so the cohesion flows between all four zones of the Master Suite. Brass is the highlight: all the tapware and accessories, the curved sheeting of the vanity and the feature lighting.

The flooring in the Ensuite represents the mosaic that is so common in Brazilian architecture. The black and white basket weave tile provides a wonderful juxtaposition between the bold greens and yellows of the surrounding spaces. Zellige tiles cover the walls, allowing the light to dance across the tiles and provide a textural element.

In the Walk-in Robe, we have specified a dark timber to contrast against the light timber flooring. There are plenty of drawers, half-hanging and full-hanging spaces, and an open shelving unit that is perfect for displaying bags and purses. To make this space have that element of luxury, we have incorporated LED strip lighting that sits at the front of the robe, flooding light down the clothing creating a WOW effect with the pieces. The brass handles in the robe correlate to shape of the feature wall lights in the Ensuite, creating continuity and harmony.

Interior Design: Birdblack Design
Build: CKR Constructions
Joinery Manufacturer: Leisure Coast Kitchens
Shoot Stylist: Birdblack Design
Photography: Better Together Photography Co
Videography: PipeWolf Media