Birdblack Design was engaged to transform this American 3-storey rainbow home into a sleek, modern, industrial masterpiece – fit for a young family with a passion for entertaining.

This home is located in Detroit, USA, but was purchased by owners still living in Australia. Both the design of the home and the selection of all fixtures and finishes were completed in Australia. All details were forwarded to our builder in the USA and our design was executed with top notch craftsmanship, exceeding all expectations.

The master bedroom was a spatial dream, but lacked zoning.  We craftily separated this space into three sections: a bedroom, an ensuite and a robe. Now the suite is multifunctional and not “wasted” space.

Aesthetically, this was a massive transformation: yellow timber, mural painted walls and slate covered flooring to opulent modern industrial alongside the rest of the home. Upon entering the suite, you get a sense of immense space and openness. The lightness of the materials used with accompanying grey concrete look floor tiles and dark timber robes together create a luxurious outlet for our home owners.

A few highlights of this space include the custom entertainment unit floating against the wall opposite the four-poster bed, the divine skylights that allow natural light to flood into every available corner, and stunning floor to ceiling tiled mosaics.

The walk-in robe is so spectacular it needs its own introduction. We created a vast open space, splitting between husband and wife: hubby’s on the bedroom side, wifey’s the ensuite side. This robe is a walk-in wonderland that works harmoniously with the ensuite space. New ducted ventilation and heated floors allows our clients to have a partially open-style robe as there is no condensation or moisture build up. The wife’s side of the robe was meticulously designed to fit every pair of heels, boots, long dresses, gym clothes, work clothes, purses, jewellery, and accessories… everything that she owned!  We utilised full ceiling height for the robes to maximise space. The vanity unit houses her accessories and under garments with a glass top so that jewellery pieces are displayed with easy to reach access.

The walk-in robe also features a dual vanity unit (with pop-up power points for hairdryers and electric shavers) and a makeup station. Our clients wanted a space to sit and apply makeup, do hair,mentally prepare for the day, whilst still being close to the basins in the ensuite.

Speaking of the ensuite, the feature of this room is most definitely the freestanding Napoli bath; sitting adorned by the soft grey geometric glass mosaic tiles. Given the beautiful pitched ceiling, we also installed a black angled Agnes Chandelier directly over the bath, oozing opulence and charm.

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Interior Design: Birdblack Design
Photography: Matt Mateo Photography