‘Sandy Foot Residence’ is home to a young family: two fitness industry entrepreneurs and their two young children. This couple desired a vibrant Modern Industrial home, perfect for entertaining and raising their family for years to come.

The Main Bathroom features a stunning freestanding bath, a large oversized shower and basin. It includes a separate toilet and basin, allowing guests to utilise this bathroom, as well as the children on a day-to-day basis.

The solid oak timber benchtop with open drawers underneath is perfect for putting clothes whilst showering and doubles perfectly as a seat for the young children whilst getting ready.

Birdblack Design LOVES utilising every inch of space available, ensuring no dead space or wasted corners. With the growing children in mind, we specified plenty of storage in this bathroom knowing that as the children enter their teenage years, their toiletries will become much more diverse, and the extra space we provided now will be excellently utilised in years to come.

We utilised simple finishes in this space with all tapware and accessories in a matte black finish and modern black pendant lights overhead. The wall tiles are a simple white subway tile, the feature tile a chevron-patterned natural marble adding glamour and variation. The floor tiles are a lush dark charcoal porcelain tile, with a trowel-like finish adding in a textural element.

Interior Design & Furniture Curation: Birdblack Design
Building Design & Build: GN Williams Custom Homes
Photography: Better Together Photography Co
Videography: PipeWolf Media

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