This Bathroom is truly a transformation! Make sure you check out the ‘Before Photos’ in the portfolio below. The burgundy checkerboard flooring had to go, as did the bath/shower combination. This Main Bathroom is in fact the only bathroom within the home, so our clients truly desired not just an upgrade, but an overhaul. Desiring a modern look with timbers, this Bathroom was ready to become to a sanctuary; the perfect place to unwind and relax.

The colour green is wonderful for creating a relaxing atmosphere, so Birdblack Design jumped at the chance to incorporate such a lovely colour. With tiles imported from Italy, the Campo Verde wall tiles (a natural quartzite stone) are featured on all four walls. These act as a base for the green terrazzo floor tiles. The green and grey tones contrast beautifully with the white base. Of course, everything in this space is centred on these tiles, allowing them centre stage.

The existing layout worked well within the space, including the door, so Birdblack Design infused our magic through incorporating our trademark functional storage and adding both airflow and lighting which the bathroom initially lacked. Our homeowners did not require a bath so we specified a large, spacious shower in its place, with a delightful overhead shower as well as handrail showerhead. The shower includes a wall-to-wall strip drain. To keep the shower spacious, we specified a sliding door as opposed to hinge door, making movement much more minimal in the overall floor space.

One of our favourite elements to incorporate are vertical heated towel bars: perfect space savers, heating through your towel, robe or jammies. To assist with airflow, we removed the two small existing windows and installed a new highlight window with frosted glass louvres and a Blackbutt timber window reveal. The highlight window works in perfectly with the high ceilings, allowing excellent ventilation and plenty of light to bounce around.

The solid Blackbutt timber features throughout the entire space, introducing warmth. In addition to the window reveal, it is used for the open shelf at the vanity and the mirror cabinet handles. We built out a wall which houses both the mirror cabinetry and a shower niche. This mirror cabinetry sits flush with the wall tiles, resulting in aesthetically pleasing clean lines.  The custom cabinetry provides all the extra space for toiletries, lotions and soaps.  We utilised the ceiling height by extending the mirror cabinets to the ceiling. The doors on the custom cabinetry have mirror fronts, aiding light to be bounced around, creating the illusion of a larger space’ a tried and true Birdblack Design trick of the trade.

A stylish wall hung basin eliminates the bulkiness of a vanity in a small space, complete with polished chrome tapware and accessories. The bronze handle on the door is the existing handle, allowing a nod to the past, whilst living in a brand new future.

Interior Design: Birdblack Design
Build: Peaq Projects
Joinery Manufacture: Paiano Custom Kitchens
Shoot Stylist: Birdblack Design
Photography: Better Together Photo Co