WINNER: Australian Bathroom Designer of the Year 2023 (KBDi)
WINNER: Bathroom Designer of the Year NSW 2023 (KBDi)
WINNER: Best Large Bathrooms NSW 2023 (KBDi).

This Main Bathroom began as a standard Bathroom and WC side by side. Birdblack Design decided to combine the two rooms to create one large room. Our clients are empty nesters and desired a beautiful day spa retreat and were open to ideas on how to create that special haven.

Birdblack Design wanted to move away from the standard boxy bathroom and instead chose to incorporate gorgeous curves into the space. We were able to maintain the use of ledges and niches in the space, particularly around the bath and in the shower.

Birdblack Design was inspired to create one continuous ledge: from the bath to the vanity (including the basin), through to the shower and finally around the toilet.

The choice was made to go with Corian Dune Prima to create this wonderful ledge and basin. One smooth curve, right around the room, from either side of the door opening. As it moves around, it creates a ledge for the bath: for bath oils, lotions, a book and a champagne glass. The ledge continues around and becomes the vanity, widening out to create a custom stone basin. The Corian stone continues through the shower recess and becomes a niche for all the shampoo bottles, soaps and scrubs. Finally it reaches around the toilet, becoming a space for candles, diffusers or incense. Corian was used for its seamless continuous stone and being ability to be formed into basins and other beautiful curves.

Most importantly, the clients love it and show it off to every guest, there is a queue to use the day spa!

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Interior Design: Birdblack Design
Owner Builder
Joinery and Corian: Best Kitchens
Shoot Stylist: Birdblack Design
Photographer: Better Together Photography Co