Sarah Nolen

Director / Interior Designer

Sarah is the owner and founder of Birdblack Design. 2021 marks 15 years in the design industry, with Sarah receiving accolades both nationally and internationally for her ability to take clients’ dream ideas and make them a reality.

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Stuart Gibson

Senior Interior Designer

Since the new millennium, Stuart has worked with a number of reputable Interior Designers; his career spanning from residential to commercial, right through to landscape architecture.

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Alex Bugosh

Interior Designer

Originally from Colorado, USA, Alex moved to Australia in 2015 and very quickly settled into Wollongong. Hailing from Fort Collins, Colorado; a place vastly different to the Illawarra, Alex grew up in the highest elevated state in the US amongst the mountains and the snow. Activities outdoors, camping, skiing and enjoying Colorado’s obsession with craft beer are high up on Alex’s passions for her hometown.

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Ryan Xuereb

Interior Decorator & Stylist

Ryan is our resident Interior Decorator and Stylist. The final layer to any good project is the soft furnishings and Ryan has the ability to work with many different styles to create the perfect selection of final touches. Furniture to a home is like the pearl necklace to a black dress.

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Laura May

Creative Content Manager

Laura has a colourful personality and has had a wonderfully diverse career. From running kitchens and training apprentices in hospitality; to creative writing; to corporate and community event management; to working with young people and training them in leadership, she has a wealth of experience and vibrancy under her belt.

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Dave Nolen

On-Site Engineering Expert

Dave is a Mechanical Engineer at Bluescope Steel and has been an integral part of Birdblack Design since its conception in 2014.

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Naomi Hudson

Studio Manager

Naomi Hudson joins the Birdblack Design Team as Studio Manager. Naomi began adulthood as a university student, enrolled at University of Wollongong. In 2003, she graduated with a Bachelor of Medical Science (with Distinction). During her time at university, Naomi gained many study and life skills through the processes of critical thinking, experimentation, investigation, and problem solving.

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