Not only will you receive the best in designs, you will have access to the latest products and finishes on the market.
This set Interior Design Package is inclusive of the following:

Items that are included for selection in this package are as follows:

• Selection of ALL internal and external light fittings throughout the home as required, including general lighting, task lighting and feature lighting
• Electrical plan indicating location of all specified light fittings and their switch locations. Power points, TV points, USB points, data points will all be shown on the plan.

If you have signed up to any of our other packages, we will draw the electrical plan based off our existing drawings.

If you haven’t signed up to any of our other packages and only wish to proceed with our Lighting Design Package, we will require an accurate copy of your house plans to be given to us at our first appointment.
If you don’t have access to these, we can measure your home for an additional fee. Priced per project.

Having the correct light fittings in the correct locations can make or break a space. Lighting plays one of the biggest roles in making an interior functional. As an example, it seems a waste to design a beautiful bathroom, only to have lighting casting shadows over your face when looking in the mirror.

Lighting selection is yet another layer that is necessary in ensuring your new space works effectively and efficiently. In this package, we specify every light fitting within a home inclusive of:
• General Lighting – the fittings that will light up the main areas
• Task Lighting – for example, in the kitchen and for the mirrors in bathrooms
• Feature Lighting – aesthetically these types of fittings really add wow factor to a space

Once the fittings are chosen, they are then drawn into the floorplan so the electrician knows where they need to be installed. The next part of the process is to design in the switching locations. Here we take our time and visualise the space so we can determine the most effective locations for switches. We also think about how many lights should be switched together in a zoning affect and whether or not they should be dimmable for those areas where you may require softer lighting.

Next, we look at power points. We are confident you have probably lived in a house without enough! Not only do we ensure there’s more than enough, we locate them on the plan and notate if they have any special additions to them e.g. USB ports or multiple plug-in points.

The last stage is adding in any extra electrical points the electrician may need to be aware of. These can include ceiling fans, bathroom ducted fan kits, heated towel ladders, under tile heating, TV points and data connection points.

Once finalised, you will receive via email a pdf lighting plan.

Meeting One

For a renovation-
In our first meeting, our Interior Designers will come out to your project space/ home. Here we will document your brief. If you haven’t supplied us with accurate plans we will measure the space for an additional fee.

For a new build-
If you have already signed up to our Full Home Interior Design Package, then we will allocate the lighting at the relevant time. If you haven’t signed up to this package, then we’ll meet with you at our Interior Design Studio. Please email us your plans in advance.
This first meeting is all about us finding out exactly what you are looking for. Your brief is an important starting point. In saying that, you don’t need to know every single detail, but if you’ve seen things that you like, or have photographs, this is the best time to share them.
We will discuss your budget and time frame considerations, as required.

Meeting Two

Based on your brief from our first meeting, our designers will put together a selection of light fittings that meet your requirements. We will provide you with a detailed electrical plan that shows the location of each fitting along with the switches. As noted previously, this plan will also show items like power points, TV points, fans etc.
This second meeting (held at our Interior Design Studio), will present you with our selections in person. You will then be emailed a final pdf copy of your selections.

Note: If this package is part of our Full Home Interior Design Package, all custom made items will be quoted and presented in our final meeting.

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Get in contact NOW to secure
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