Not only will you receive the best in designs, you will have access to the latest products and finishes on the market.
This set design package is inclusive of the following:

Items that are included for selection in this package are as follows:

• TWO different options showing separate potential colour / finishes schemes – this includes paint colours, render colours, cladding options, window & door frame finishes, roof finish & colour, gutter & fascia finishes and front & garage door finishes (as required).
• TWO 2D sketch-up drawings of the front facade of your home, indicating the colour/finish locations
• External privacy screen options
• External lighting and ceiling fan options
• External flooring options (tiles, timber etc) if required

Whether your existing home is looking tired or if you are building a new home, this is the package for you. Street appeal plays a big role in property value – not only from a monetary point of view, but also in how you feel when you pull up into your driveway each evening. Having the right colour combinations and finishes working harmoniously is key to ensuring your home is looking the best it can be.

*Note: If you are adding this finishes package on to multiple design packages (or within our full home design package), we will make all of your selections for ALL rooms within the allocated excursion. This allows us to create a harmonious feel throughout your home. Depending on the number of packages, we may allow up to one full day for this excursion.

Should you opt for this package without the attachment of a design package, the following process will take place:

Meeting One

In our first meeting, our designers come out to your home. If you are building a new home, we will meet over coffee at our Design Studio. This first meeting is all about us finding out exactly what you are looking for. Your brief is an important starting point. In saying that, you don’t need to know every single detail, but if you’ve seen things that you like, or have photographs, this is the best time to share them. You are to provide BIRDBLACK DESIGN with a copy of your exterior house elevations and floorplan. If it is a new build, we will require the DWG file. Please note, that if plans cannot be provided, an additional cost to measure the front facade will issued. Price based per project.

Meeting Two

Based on your brief from our first meeting, our designers will put together two exterior finishes options. Each option will outline our suggestions for the exterior finishes, including items such as the roof, wall cladding, paint colours, feature cladding etc.
This second meeting (held at our Design Studio), will present you with our selections in person. You will receive two A3 printed copies and a pdf version of these options. Whichever option you select can be given directly to your builder. If this package is part of our Full Home Design Package, we will include these selections into the selections list.​

Note: Examples shown do not indicate product names, description or costs due to client confidentiality. Each example is custom designed for our individual client.

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