When Life Throws You a Robbery, You Create an Insurance Cover!

BirdblackDesign recently instigated a BRAND SPANKING NEW Insurance Cover for the ENTIRE Australian Design Industry; nationwide. As of February 2020, the entire Design Industry can access this new Insurance cover: not just Interior Designers, but Interior Decorators, Interior Stylists and Architects as well!

When Birdblack Design claims we are pioneers, we put our money where our mouth is…

You see, in Spring, 2019, approximately $12,000 worth of materials were stolen on site. We discovered the hard way only a builder with a builder’s license or the homeowner could access insurance and be covered. How was this even possible? Collectively, the Birdblack Team have been in the industry for over 15 years… and we had functioned this way the entire time, both at Birdblack the last 6 years, and with the companies we had all previously worked for. It was just how it was, and no one was any wiser in our industry: until Birdblack Design was robbed. Needless to say, our jaws hit the ground and our heart rates hit the roof!

This was the site where $12,000 of materials was stolen.

We spent the next 4 months working with our local Insurance Broker Abico, pioneering a brand new insurance for the entire Design Industry, accessible across the entire nation of Australia. Abico is a local Wollongong Insurance Broker; the only brokerage offering this insurance for our industry. This Insurance covers the supply of all products and materials, including kitchen joinery and benchtops, every single material, finish and fixture as well as damage, theft, fire and flood while construction takes place.

Now gorgeous lighting fittings like this chandelier and pendant lighting are safe under this new national insurance cover we created. #redgumresidence

TRUST is at the forefront of any client-based business. By constantly and consistently reaffirming that trust, Birdblack Design ensures business stays within the Illawarra. We do what we do for the benefit of Wollongong (our hometown), as well as the rest of Australia’s Design Industry too!

So what does this mean for Birdblack Design Clients? It means that we are covered to take our clients from the inspiration / design concept, right through to the final completion of their project, managing the entire process, and working alongside the builders and tradespeople we specifically acquire to complete the project.We are your designers, project managers and we hold all the qualifications and insurance cover necessary for you to feel completely safe and secure in our care.

Hand-snapped Italian glass mosaic tiles are now protected under our insurance cover. #ascotresidence

Birdblack Design is now completely covered against significant financial loss – and the stress that came with that one incident. Once was enough! Most importantly though, we have added another layer of trust in the services we provide to the most important people: our clients. They can rest completely assured every single material, finish and fixture is protected as well as being covered for damage, theft, fire and flood while construction takes place. We truly look after our clients’ homes or commercial spaces as if they were our very own!

Individually hand-blown pendant lights: artistic pieces are covered by our insurance. #girvanresidence

This includes the builders, tradespeople and suppliers that Birdblack Design utilises on a daily basis, but also smaller jobs: local art installers, local cleaning companies and local handymen, for example. In addition, Birdblack Design employs people outside of the industry such as accountants, financial planners and business mentors necessary for business dealings. All these are local people and businesses. It is therefore imperative that our insurance cover provides for all these businesses also.

YOUR home is OUR business. We keep it safe and secure with our new insurance cover. #mountainresidence

In staying updated and informed, we can feel confident that we are providing our clients with the very best in products; best quality, best price, but most importantly, best for their health and the health of those that manufacture the products. Clients appreciate being informed and educated as they feel they can therefore make the best decisions for their homes and lifestyles.

We make your dreams come true – and protect them too! #ranchbyresidence

Birdblack Design is passionate about pioneering in several aspects, which ultimately means our conversations are about addressing what isn’t working for our clients and for us as a business. We then align ourselves with the right people, products and services to flip the Design Industry on its head. This not only affects Birdblack Design positively, but has a ripple effect on to others: potential clients, local businesses, and the community at large. The Illawarra and surrounding areas become more sustainable with healthier products and procedures in place to achieve the gorgeous homes and workplaces we all want to see in our community.

Without a doubt; Birdblack Design are super proud of this incredible business initiative and we are proud to be pioneering the Design Industry for the nation.

Talk soon,