The Turnkey Service

Perhaps you saw our Design Room Educational Series this week (check Instagram and Facebook if you missed it – new editions every Wednesday) and were intrigued by this crème de la crème service: well you have come to the right place to learn more!

First off – let’s get a little testimonial from our ‘Gilmore Residence’ home owners, our local clients who engaged us for The Turnkey Service:

“Having a designer and a builder that we trusted to manage the process and bring our vision to life really helped ease a lot of stress and pressure. In fact, we were able to head overseas on holiday knowing the project was in safe hands.

Walking into our new home at the end of the project and seeing the transformation was really exciting. Seeing the smiles on our children’s faces when they saw their new bedrooms for the first time is a memory we will cherish and we couldn’t be happier with the process and the results.” AJ.

‘Gilmore Residence’. Interior Design: Birdblack Design Build: Innovation Building & Design Photography: Better Together Photography Co

Have you ever heard of the Turnkey Service? The Turnkey Service can make you feel like a kid at Disneyland! The beauty of this service is the awe and wonder of the surreal before and after experience as you leave your home, business or space looking one way (old, outdated or falling apart), and then experience it brand new, completely fresh, without being involved in the construction phase at all. Imagine going on holiday, like our ‘Gilmore Residence’ home owners and coming home to find YOUR home completely renovated to your specifications. Everything has been considered: your brief, your liking, your taste. Birdblack Design provides this service to many of our clients and is certainly an element of our top tier design!

Our ‘Gilmore Residence’ clients said goodbye to this bathroom…
… and A HUGE HELLO to this wonder! ‘Gilmore Residence’. Interior Design: Birdblack Design Build: Innovation Building & Design Photography: Better Together Photography Co

Whilst we have had local clients embrace the Turnkey Service, we have also been privileged to have interstate AND international clients engage this luxurious package. In fact, we are about to embark on our third Turnkey Service in the USA! How exciting!

The Turnkey Service means that our clients (either home owners or business owners),  take an opportunity to hand over the reins to someone experienced, knowing that someone professional is looking after their home or business as if it were their very own. We provide Turnkey Services to both Residential and Commercial, New Builds and Full Home Renovations and also smaller projects like a Kitchen or a Bathroom.

‘Urban Miss’; a Beauty Salon and Cocktail Bar in Townsville, QLD. Interior Design: Birdblack Design Build: AC Jones Builders
Photography: Josephine Carter Photography
‘Urban Miss’ clients can enjoy a lovely cocktail whilst being pampered. Interior Design: Birdblack Design Build: AC Jones Builders Photography: Josephine Carter Photography

The design stages and the selection stages of the process are still exactly the same: we get our clients’ briefs, their measurements, and most importantly, we get their KEYS! Our clients (guided by our expertise in design) make all their decisions: the colour palettes, the fixtures, the finishes, patterns, textures, materials… absolutely everything.

Flatlay Sample of colours and materials from Birdblack Design
Flatlay Sample of colours and materials from Birdblack Design

At this point, the entire management of the project is under the control of Birdblack Design and our clients are free to leave it all behind, trusting Birdblack Design and the quality suppliers and tradespeople we choose to align ourselves to maintain our level of excellent reputation. Once the construction phase is ready, we will be in contact to arrange a time and our clients can find us at their front door with keys and champers in hand; ready to welcome them into their brand new space!

Clients who opt for the Turnkey Service get the full “blown away” effect of the Before and After reveal as they haven’t seen the hundreds of steps in between. Turnkey Service is the ultimate surprise! There is no stress and no concern involved. Although we can send weekly email updates and are happy for phone calls, our clients don’t see all the many (and dusty construction) steps in between. With emails and phone calls, this is a meeting-less process: more free time for our clients to enjoy!

Right in the middle of construction at ‘Gilmore Residence’ – completely unseen by our clients.

The Turnkey Service originated from an American renovation show whereby the renovators gave zero details to their clients and the renovators made all the choices. Here at Birdblack Design, we have modified the service as, of course, we do want our clients to be involved and make their colour choices, style preferences etc.
By including our clients in the decision making process for THEIR home, we are confident at the reveal, they will be over the moon with the results.

Having said that, if YOU want to be our first clients to forego the design and selection stages, completely trusting us, and just hand us your budget and your keys, we WELCOME the opportunity!! This is the ultimate Turnkey Service and Birdblack Design are certainly up for it!

The cover shot of this particular blog is the Front Entrance of this Detroit palace in Michigan, USA. Here is the Rear Entrance and Alfresco Dining Areas. ‘Chester Residence.’ Interior Design: Birdblack Design Photography: Matt Mateo Photography
Coming inside, is the fabulous Kitchen and Dining Areas including the much loved wine fridge. ‘Chester Residence’. Interior Design: Birdblack Design Photography: Matt Mateo Photography

The beauty of Turnkey is that clients are completely stress-free throughout the renovation. You have all seen the shows where renovations break up relationships… well with Turnkey Service, the stress is eliminated and you can rest assured Birdblack Design is looking after every timetabling issue, every delivery concern, every tradesperson and every detail. Our Turnkey Service means you get the home you want without the time, energy or effort of being involved in a renovation.

Having to live in a half-renovated home with tradespeople coming in early morning; the dust, the dirt, the noise: this simply is not everyone’s cup of tea. Turnkey simply means that at the end of the Service, a home or business is “move-in” ready. There’s not a single thing left to do – our clients can literally walk in and take it from there.

A bland back deck at ‘Gilmore Residence’ at first…
until Birdblack Design got involved and transformed it into the best room of the house! ‘Gilmore Residence’. Interior Design: Birdblack Design Build: Innovation Building & Design Photography: Better Together Photography Co

At Birdblack Design, there is no extra charge for our Turnkey Service; it is the same price as our Design Management costings. We simply collect keys at the beginning of the construction phase and when the project is complete, we hand them back over… at the project’s front door!

In a culture where we are encouraged to know everything, be present and contribute, the beauty of our Turnkey Service is our clients can go back to a simpler time, where you trust the professionals and welcome the surprise at the end. Save yourselves the headache – opt for the Turnkey Service!

Talk soon,
BD x