Tell Me What’s Your Flavour? Oooh!

Birdblack Design is here to talk through choices: styles, options and our company policy of bespoke design for individual clients. We firmly believe that since no two people are exactly the same, then why should two homes be identical? Each home must reflect the homeowners and residents, down to colour, style and functionality.

Sometimes our clients know they want something new; they are ready for a change, but they just aren’t quite sure what or how? They have scrolled through Instagram, delved through website galleries, and scoured through YouTube looking for inspiration.

The Birdblack Team often get asked, “What is your style?”

The answer is simply, “Our style is your style”.

Each home is unique. It has to suit your personality. It has to suit your family. It has to suit your lifestyle. Birdblack Design are design professionals engaged to guide you along the journey of discovering what is best for you.

Now, your design style may not be definitive. It may not exclusively be one specific style: it may be a fusion of two styles. You may like a bit of this and a bit of that. Alternatively, your interior style may be influenced by the existing style of your home. You may be taken with specific design features, particular colour palettes,textures or design layouts.

Let’s take a look at some fabulously on-trend design styles…

Contemporary Industrial

Our American Dream, ‘Chester Street, USA’, located in Detroit, Michigan. Interior Design: Birdblack Design Photography: Matt Mateo Photography

‘Chester Street, USA,’ is home to rustic elements. In this Contemporary Industrial abode, you discover a beautiful blend of concrete, copper, timbers and tan leather to solidly bring the “industrial” features into the home. To communicate the fresh Contemporary vibe, we introduced modern elements such as colour (greys and soft duck egg blue), furniture (uniquely shaped yet super comfortable casual dining and formal dining chairs) and pendant lights with a sculptural aesthetic. Chic and sleek: ‘Chester Street, USA’.


A stunning Classic design captivates attention at ‘Attunga Avenue’. Interior Design: Birdblack Design Photography: My Little Love Photography

We are all about the elegant sophistication this Classic design conveys at ‘Attunga Avenue’. The abounding whites deliver a light and expansive aesthetic, making this home feel breezy and calm. In the evening, however, this crisp white gives quite the formal,fancy affair. The combination of the white cabinetry in shaker profile with the finer details like the shaker profile doors, the beautifully designed handles and knobs adorning each cupboard, and the drawer fronts help to visually layer the kitchen astounding class.

Classic Modern

Our ‘Redgum Ridge’ clients are incredible hosts and entertainers. Their Classic Modern home exudes comfort and space for fun! Interior Design: Birdblack Design Photography: The Evoke Company. Styling: Jessi Eve

Our ‘Redgum Ridge’ clients desired something a little traditional with a modern twist – and boy did we deliver! The crisp white walls and white cabinetry set the mood for Classic design, but the lighting, the furniture and the accents throughout the home certainly bring the Modern dimension. With white marble benchtops and a gorgeous highlight window splashback, this home is extremely inviting – as are the home owners. We adore the pendant lights and the dark overhead cabinetry, really zhooshing up this Classic Palace.

Contemporary Luxe

Sensational ‘Spring Street’: what’s not to love? Interior Design: Birdblack Design Photography: The Palm Co

This dark and moody home is simply spectacular. With materials such as marble, dark timbers and black joinery, this home feels instantaneously luxurious. Brass pendant lights, brass kickboard and further metallic finishes throughout really bring luxe pizzazz to this home. The angled island waterfall ends, with a 3D triangle tile on the backside of the island are just another brilliant feature.

Coastal Minimalist

Living on the coast, ‘Douglas Road’ is inspired by the great outdoors. Interior Design: Birdblack Design Photography: The Palm Co

The whites and soft greys are the perfect backdrop for a relaxing palette. The oak timbers bring warmth to the space and the combination is divine. The simple and functional design conveys “family friendly” – you can walk in off the sand and be right at home here. The bar seating is welcoming for afternoon chats over a cuppa, or an antipasto platter and wines in the evening. The opening shelving for greenery,ceramics and sentimental items makes room for individuality, personality and variety!

Birdblack Design are bespoke design specialists and our design portfolio features a plethora of design styles along with design fusions. This is just a snapshot of design styles featured throughout the interior design world. Birdblack Design are also well-known for punchy colours, sensational patterns and incredible texture. Keep your eyes peeled for the next edition of Coal Coast Magazine for another Birdblack Design article on Bold Design, and tell us what’s your flavour? Oooh!


Written by Birdblack Design