Team Faves: Sarah

Without this next person, there would be NO Team BD! Yep,you guessed it, next in line for our Team BD Blog Series: Team BD Faves, is none other than our Commander-in-chief herself, Sarah Nolen!

Sarah birthed Birdblack Design in June of 2014 and from there, BD has soared! Here is a quick snapshot of some initial photos, the original YouTube clip and an insight to what BD has achieved since her inception.

June 2014, Birdblack Design came to life!
Time to get a bigger wall! We love our Awards Wall.

If you have been following along on Instagram and Facebook, you would know that Sarah recently gave birth to another wonderful project: Little Miss Gloria Florence Nolen, along with her hubby of 7years and fellow Team BD member, Dave Nolen.

Introducing Team Nolen!

Lots more Gloria updates to come, but for now, let’s jump straight into the Q&A all our staff members have been asked…

Quick TeamBD Q&A:

1. CREATIVE DIVERSITY WITHIN TEAM BD: Describe your favourite kind of style, detailing why you love it.

From Sarah:

When there’s so much to love, how do you choose?! I don’t think I can narrow my own favourite style down to one. I think perhaps a mixture of three, very distinct styles is where you’d find my ‘sweet spot’. The three I am speaking of are: Mid-Century Modern, Palm Springs and Mediterranean. I told you they were distinct! They each have their own individual character and a certain charm that appeals to me. To design my dream home, I’d like to see elements of all three pulled together.

From Mid-Century, I love the use of natural timbers and stones. Sunken lounges around grandiose fireplaces suit my lifestyle to an absolute tee!
From Palm Springs, I thoroughly enjoy the connection between indoors and outdoors with plenty of internal courtyards scattered throughout the home. Living in gorgeous Australia really allows for the style to be enjoyed in our climate.
From Mediterranean, the warmth in colours delights me! I also very much appreciate rough and rustic textures lending themselves to a true manmade and lived-in look.

Casa Viddal & Rahola by Rahola Vidal Arquitectes. Photography by Eugeni Pons © Lannoo Publishers
Image source: Blood & Champagne
 Designed by @junctions90 Styled by @juliagreenstylist Photo by @gemmola 

2. Summer Holidays in 2020.

From Sarah:

Being married and without children, Dave and I fell into a routine of international travel over summers past. To ring in 2021, we envisioned being in Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia, soaking up the architecture and soaking IN the wine.

Covid had its way, and not only did the plan get cancelled, it changed in the best way possible! We found out we were pregnant!! So our summer holidays have been spent focusing on preparing the house, the nursery and all things ‘family life’. We even got a new car!

Here’s a photo of the newest (and cutest) Team BD member and one of me enjoying my first wine in 9months! Yay for us!!

 Gloria Florence Nolen. Utterly gorgeous!
Sarah reuniting with her first love – Pinot Noir!

3. Fave BD project you have personally worked on and why.

From Sarah:

As designers, we work with so many clients, so many visions, so many designs and styles. If I’m perfectly honest, it’s rarely “the most beautiful home” or “the most lavish space” that stays with me. Despite being in the building industry, we are also VERY much in the people business – it’s the clients and the connections that make lasting impressions. If a client really values what we do, the satisfaction is next level! Clients whom are grateful and appreciative are the best projects to work on; these are the people I enjoy most. The joy is evident, the excitement tangible, the respect so lovely. And I’ll never say no to brownies or homemade marmalade haha. These clients often become friends, and these are the projects I truly treasure.

Now please excuse me… I have a gorgeous two week old baby I have to cuddle. I’m very much still working, just navigating both worlds simultaneously.
See you on site or in the Studio!

Talk soon,
Sarah from Team BD x