Team Faves: Ryan

Ryan is up next in our Team BD Blog Series: Team BD Faves.

From the moment Ryan and Sarah met, they clicked. Sharing a love for interior design and all things beautiful, their very first conversation the pair spent hours talking design, styles, colours… and the desire to eventually collaborate and do business together. This conversation, all the way back in 2014, came into fruition in March 2018, when Ryan officially came on staff at Birdblack Design.

THROWBACK PHOTO: Ryan heading into work at Lee & Me. Nowadays, he is regularly headhunted for his merchandising and decorative prowess for weddings, events and retail ventures.

At the time, Ryan was working at Lee & Me, a leading café and clothing boutique in the heart of Wollongong, established in 2008. Ryan was the Manager of the Boutique as well as Visual Merchandise Director. You can read more in on his role within Team BD in our Meet The Team Series.

Quick Team BD Q&A:

1. CREATIVE DIVERSITY WITHIN TEAMBD: Describe your favourite kind of style, detailing why you love it.

Simply spectacular. The detailing is exquisite!

From Ryan:

Cast your eyes over the gorgeous interior above and you will discover why I adore it! It encapsulates my favourite elements of style and design: the eclectic mix of old and new (I just LOVE vintage), the charming components of endless character and craftsmanship (which mid-century does SO well), bold colour (my favourites mustard and green). Add in warmth, texture, layering and a balance of neutral, soft tones to balance the space. What’s not to love?!

My homes have always been styled in similar fashions; and the constant compliments I receive decorating in this style are the cherry on top! Below is my home which I have renovated and re-decorated since I bought it as the outdated cottage it was when on the market.

Ryan’s current castle. A vintage delight and feast for the eyes and fingertips!!

2. Summer Holidays in 2020.

From Ryan:

These Summer Holidays for me were all about celebrations, Christmas Parties, my stunning mother’s 60th, celebrating with family and friends around beautifully decorated tables with delicious food and drinks. I always thoroughly enjoy day trips to surrounding areas, especially to little towns with great shopping, cute cafes and beautiful sights. Being a Wollongong local means the Southern Highlands and Berry are about an hour’s drive, through picturesque greenery. Bowral in particular is a fave destination of mine.

When I’m not frolicking through country towns, I’m at home, working on my home and garden… much like Steve Cordony at his place! Rachel mentions his place in her fave styles, so check out her blog too! Steve Cordony is a hero and trendsetter in the design world.

Picturesque hospitality by Ryan is always so special. He LOVES spoiling his friends and family.
This beautiful woman is Ryan’s mum, and gorgeous puppy, Henry. Desley turned 60 very close to Christmas, so celebrations were plentiful… Covid appropriate, of course!

3. Fave BD project you have personally worked on and why.

 From Ryan:

My favourite BD project has been “Sea Spray Residence”. I absolutely love the Hamptons infused style of this project; its classic style and stunning finishes speak of timeless beauty. In addition, this immaculate home is situated by the beach in the gorgeous Northern suburbs of the Illawarra.

Ryan adores the fusion between old-worldly things and contemporary styles and design

Hope you have enjoyed hearing from me, and getting to know a little more about who I am and what I like!

Talk soon,
Ryan from Team BD x