Team Faves: Laura

Last, but never least is Miss Laura May, our Creative Content Manager.  Now if you’ve clued on, you’ll realise this will be me, speaking in the first and third person, as I’ve done with the rest of our fabulous team blogs, so enjoy the ride with me! I’ve been with Birdblack Design officially for about 18months, but having been wonderful friends of Sarah, Dave AND Ryan for years; I’ve been a Team BD supporter from the beginning!

For a quick overview into my career, my passions and my lifestyle, check out the Meet the Team Series – they are super fun reads on the entire team! For now though, let’s get straight into the Q&A I asked all our staff members to answer…

Quick Team BD Q&A:


1. CREATIVE DIVERSITY WITHIN TEAM BD: Describe your favourite kind of style, detailing why you love it.

From Laura:

I feel like I’m certainly a little eccentric. In real life, many people would associate me with rainbows – for two reasons:

a) My NUMEROUS rainbow hair adventures

b) My obsession with rainbow sunrises

I potentially have had rainbow hair upwards of ten times – always different colours, tones and cuts. Life is too boring to stay one colour long!
A collection of my sunrise photos. Watching a new day dawn is just so beautiful – especially when they are full of colour like these ones!

Now, my home in my 20’s and 30’s certainly reflected this colourful part of my personality with purple velvet lounges and multi-coloured cushions, trinkets, artworks and travel souvenirs. You’ll see a pic a little later on in Q2. Suffice to say though, I absolutely appreciate a Boho vibe. Below is a fabulous example of the Boho aesthetic I am so fond of.

Design & Photography: A by Amara. Collection: Arcade.

I also LOVE monochromatic vibes. My wardrobe is mostly blacks, whites and greys. I utilise colour in my accessories: jewellery, makeup, handbags so my overall aesthetic POPS. This certainly translates over to my love for interiors. I love a little Moody Classic with a pop of colour for attention.

Nicole Roseberg from Liberty Interiors chose these pieces to transform Former Miss World Australia and TV Presenter Erin Holland. Source: Globe West

Finally, I adore a dark and punk-rock vibe: I enjoy block colours, and I treasure a little glitz and glam.

Design: Greg Natale at Barwon River House. LOVE LOVE LOVE. This colour combo would make an incredible Christmas tree decoration theme haha. Especially countries who have a White Christmas.
Ooh lala!! Yes to ALLLLL of this! 100% inspo for my renovation which you will see in Q2. Furniture Retailer: James Said Collections
Again, just all the YES. Monochromatic, pops of block colour with that epic splash of glitz and glam. Laura loves. Furniture Retailer: James Said Collections

2. Summer Holidays in 2020.

From Laura:

This blog is coming out on the second last day of Summer, so let me think back over the last 3 months!
First up, celebrating Christmas in a Christmas Sweater set thanks to the cool change this year! Living my best life haha.

Getting into the festive spirit. I LOVE CHRISTMAS and I obsessively decorate in October… in a different theme every single year!! This tree, however, belongs to Dave and Sarah Nolen, with whom I spent Christmas Day.

Most of my summer, however, was dedicated my apartment renovations. I mentioned my Boho themed home of my 20’s and 30’s. Well, I’ve upgraded for my 40’s – a Modern Mid-Century design style to enjoy over the upcoming decade. Here are a couple pics of the progress so far!

My home aesthetic the last two decades – certainly my take on the Boho design style. Full of colour and original 1970’s vintage purple velvet couches. Look at all that colour! It may not be for everyone, but I loved it in that season.
It looked like this for months. Scroll ahead!!
Why HELLLOOOOO new Mid-Century teal velvet lounges. How lovely you look paired with brass.
Instead of a Dining Table, I opted for two Bar Tables and seven blush pink and brass Bar Stools to go around the tables and the Breakfast Bar. Luxe, glamorous and super comfortable. Win!

I wish I could have shared the final results but I’m approaching the finish line. I can see the light at the end of the renovation tunnel. Artworks get installed next week and then IT’S DONE!

3. Fave BD project you have personally worked on and why.

From Laura:

As my role includes what to showcase on social media, as well as writing up every blurb, every brief, every piece of copy; I pore through every photo, every angle.

I cherish working with Team BD, as they are creative geniuses and make every individual clients’ dream come true, in any design style. However, I DID make all the other staff choose JUST ONE, so alas, I must do the same. Hence the way I choose to answer this particular question is by asking myself, “What project did you first fall in LOVE with?” The answer to that is ‘Girvan Residence’. The teals, the hand-blown pendant lights, the Moroccan-Coastal fusion. DIVINE.

This Flatlay. My heart. So beautiful.
Yep, I fell in love with this project. Tell me I’m wrong! Interior Design: Birdblack Design Builder: Graeme Carberry Builder Joinery Manufacture: Paiano Custom Kitchens Kitchen Photography: The Evoke Company Shoot Stylist: Jessi Eve

Thanks for coming on this journey with us! Check out the other staff members’ Team Faves Blogs. We are all so different in styles and preferences. This means Birdblack Design is unbelievably versatile. In other news, our upcoming blogs will feature Plant life, Greenery and the Autumn/Winter Colour Trends of 2021. Stay tuned.

Talk soon,
Laura from Team BD x