Team Faves: Dave

Hello and welcome to the Team BD Blog Series: Team BD Faves.

Dave Nolen has been part of Birdblack Design since the very beginning as Sarah’s husband but came officially on-board on the payroll a few years ago. If you haven’t read our Meet the Team Series, we encourage you to read up on Dave’s hometown, education, and life passions… AFL and the mighty Geelong Cats! You can also read up on his role within Team BD.

As with almost everybody, 2020 has turned out a little differently for most people. Dave and Sarah took advantage of the working from home time of life to pay attention to their exterior and landscaping needs at ‘Grenache Residence’. A lot of this was also in preparation for Baby Gloria to join Team Nolen, with her arrival due in mid-January.

Making the most of the holidays by having friends and family over, before we welcome our beautiful daughter, Gloria into her new home.

Quick Team BD Q&A:

1. CREATIVE DIVERSITY WITHIN TEAM BD: Describe your favourite kind of style, detailing why you love it.

From Dave:

I am an engineer and I enjoy travelling. Restaurants, hotels and bars are where I find my personal aesthetics really come alive. I love the look (and feel) of an old style bar. I enjoy the sense that any number of amazing characters could have enjoyed a whisky or a cocktail in that particular watering hole at some point over the last century. In this sense, I know many could relate to antiquing and the characters that owned previous pieces.

I like bars that aren’t too clean or shiny; but rather each bump, scratch and scrape hints to the incredible stories the walls could tell you if they could talk. Low lighting is imperative, lots of timber aiding that historic feel and a few hints of aged and buffed up bronze or brass scattered around.

My type of speak-easy! The tales told in this bar…

 2. Summer Holidays in 2020.

From Dave:

Due to Covid, Team Nolen (my family) and Team Bowman (Sarah’s family) celebrated their Christmases separately and appropriately on different weekends. On Christmas Day, we hosted a few friends for our first Christmas Day in our newly renovated home as we are usually back in Canberra with the families. It was a great day doing something different in our own home!

The boys that snuggle together, stay together! Pictured here with my father-in-law and two brothers-in-law.

With Gloria’s arrival right around the corner, our Summer holidays are all about preparation! We will be setting up the nursery, buying a more baby appropriate car, put the finishing touches on the backyard aquaponics system and a few other odd jobs around the house. Hopefully I get to spend some time restoring the Datsun out in the shed too!

3. Fave BD project you have personally worked on and why.

From Dave:

It’s hard for me to pick a favourite Birdblack Design project as there are so many good ones! My favourite part is on the occasions I get to see our clients at the completion (or nearing the end of) their project and the enjoyment they get seeing and living out of their new space.

Stu and I putting together furniture at ‘Cleveland Residence’. This rural Hampton’s property has views for absolute miles, and the clients are the best, so this is a great combo for me.

Hope you enjoyed hearing a little more from me, as I can sometimes be in the background and less in the limelight. Be safe everyone!

Talk soon,
Dave from Team BD x