If you have been following us on social media and are subscribed to our newsletters, you will have been officially introduced to Alex, our newest Birdblack Design team member!

Get to know a bit about Alex: her hometown in the USA, her education here in Australia and her travels all over the world, by reading our Meet the Team Series.

Alex taking in the grandeur of Taronga Zoo, Sydney, Australia.

Quick Team BD Q&A:

1. CREATIVE DIVERSITY WITHIN TEAM BD: Describe your favourite kind of style, detailing why you love it.

From Alex:

Having travelled extensively throughout the USA and abroad, I have been privileged to sample inspiration from all around the world. I’m sure any designer would struggle to put just ONE style as their favourite. My favourite design styles are warm, sculptural, playful and full of texture. As a true eclectic, I thoroughly enjoy the climactic mix of old-worldly and brand spanking new. I love the juxtaposition and designs that pack a punch!

Designs that can’t help but entice you to embrace the “Ooh la la”!

2. Summer Holidays in 2021.

From Alex:

Now this might seem like a typo, cos it’s winter here in Australia, but where I come from, it’s summer! This blog is going live on the weekend of the 4th of July – a significant date for Americans.

Alex in her hometown: Fort Collins, Colorado, at Horsetooth Reservoir celebrating her last 4th of July before moving to Australia, permanently. 

Back home (Fort Collins, Colorado), we start the day baking apple pies and a citywide parade. In the afternoon – arvo for you Aussies – we get together with friends or family and enjoy a BBQ with hotdogs, beers and fireworks! Everything is decorated in red, white and blue. I often head down to lake for my 4th of July celebrations. Nothing like being on a boat in the middle of summer!

A very sweet gesture – her fiancé threw a 4th of July party for her, on this side of the world.

Here in Australia, my partner threw me a surprise 4th of July party with American style decorations, nibbles and burgers. He even printed Budweiser labels and wrapped them around Aussie beers. You can see us here with Tiger Woods, Caitlin Jenner, Obama, Trump and First Lady, Michelle Obama.

3. Fave BD project you have personally worked on and why.

From Alex:

One of my favourite BD projects would have to be ‘Chester Residence. This was one of the first projects I saw showcased from Birdblack Design and I think it’s a strong example that demonstrates a client’s trust in their designer.

For me, interiors that push the envelope of what is conventional are always the most successful. Let go of what you’re used to, forget what you think is the norm, and let us surprise you with a carefully curated, and unexpected space.

FUN FACT: This home was designed by Birdblack Design and is located in Detroit, Michigan, USA! Is that why Alex was drawn to it???

Hope you enjoyed getting a little taste-tester from me! See you on site or in the Studio.

Talk soon,
Alex from Team BD x