Space Saving Solutions for every Household

‘More storage!’ is one of the most common requirements we get asked to introduce when renovating homes. If you live in a home built particularly in the 50’s-70’s you’ll know exactly what we mean. For some reason pantries in kitchens were forgotten about not to mention non-existent linen cupboards. Storage plays a key role in the function of any household whether you live on your own or if you’ve got 4 kids and a backyard full of pet animals- without storage everything becomes a shambles!

We want to show you a few ideas which will make life a lot more efficient. We have used these storage solutions to provide my clients with functional and purposeful storage solutions.

1. Bike Storage
Cycling is becoming so popular and a common requirement to adhere to is finding somewhere to store the bike and helmet etc. Not all our clients live in homes with an attached two car garage, some live in apartments so we have to find solutions to suit all home types.

Bike storage doesn’t have to be cumbersome and ugly. Bikes are an awkward piece to store but there are some really clever hanging and rack systems available on the market. You can have wall mounted brackets to hang bikes from and even pulley systems that pull bikes up to the ceiling when not needed. What we found is that rather than trying to hide bikes away why not make them into a display piece, and when you’re talking about anywhere upwards of a $2000  a bike you really do want to show it off. We have done a number of designs which incorporate wall mounted bike racks with custo shelving and storage cubicles built around them which store other biking equipment like helmets, tyre pumps and bike locks.

Designed by Heartly
Designed by Heartly

2. Wine Storage

Now this is one that becoming more and more popular- displaying and storing wine bottles. This particular design takes its influence from the traditional wine cellar. However it’s not underground but in fact sits pride of place in either your kitchen or dining room.

This is for your true wine lover and it works brilliantly for both red and white bottles. The next step up is to incorporate a refrigerating system so that your bubbles can have a spot too. You can set separate temperatures depending on what wine bottles are in there, just like a wine fridge. Encasing the bottles in a clear glass surround really defines the space as something special to look at rather than just having wine racks built into your kitchen cabinetry.

Designed by Birdblack Design
Designed by Canny Architecture

3. Hiding those Toiletries
Toiletries are generally pretty unsightly and are not something you really want to have on display for all of your guests to see. In all of our projects you will always find plenty of storage in bathrooms. You just need to be clever to incorporate storage in a way that comes across as minimal. Recessed mirror cabinets are a great choice because they have dual purpose, both acting as a mirror and as storage. Behind the doors you then have the option to start really getting organised. We often tell our clients to go out and purchase small containers and dividers. These provide you with easy to reach storage and everything is arranged! Lipsticks in one container, medicines in another, along with ear buds, nail polishes, electric shaves and the likes. You can label each container for even more efficiency. Another toiletry that isn’t the prettiest to look at is toilet paper. Taking on the concept from a recessed mirror cabinet have you ever thought about recessing a small cabinet that specifically holds toilet paper right next to the toilet? We design this a lot and it not only looks great but it’s solving the problem of how to hide the extra toilet paper rolls.

Designed by Birdblack Design
Designed by Birdblack Design

Written by Birdblack Design