Rugs – Are You Snug as a Bug?

Picking a rug for your home can’t be that hard? Can it?

Last month, the Birdblack Team went to Sydney on a Showroom Excursion to observe the latest products, colours, trends and fabrics. One of our favourite suppliers, showed us almost every single product he had in stock – hundreds and hundreds of sensational RUGS!

We were in absolute heaven as we sampled the extraordinary materials and fabrics, the diverse range of colours and noted the best ways to display these pieces of art for maximum effect!


2020 colour trends are certainly giving a nod to the 1970s. We saw countless muted colours: pinks, blues and greens. These colours mixed with silvers and golds are just DIVINE! We also saw fabulously bold colours: reds, purples and magentas.

Some rugs are created with just two colours but by going a tone up and a tone down, the end result looks like a 6 colour rug. This is a great way to save money regarding materials and labour, which we will look at later.

Pastels and neons are not huge in 2020, but still available if they are your heart’s desire.

Fabulous silvers and bronzes in this custom rug at ‘Cato Residence’ ties in beautifully with the surrounding terracotta and brass.


We saw (and lovingly ran our hands over) COUNTLESS fabrics. Indian silks, Chinese silks, Himalayan mohair (goat hair), Argentinian wool, and even a polyester rug made out of recycled plastic bottles! The Birdblack Design Team oohed and aahed over this rug and stood in disbelief at how unbelievably SOFT it was! This is a perfect rug in a sunroom, made for relaxation.

The Himalayan mohair is decadent to the touch – and renowned for being exceptionally durable. Our Showroom rep, explained that in a home with two 4year olds running around, even any of their liquids (juice for the kids, wine for the parents) that were accidently dropped, the liquids simply floated to the top, rendering it beautifully quick and easy quick to clean without destroying the fabric.

The Indian and Chinese Silks were divine, Persian rugs a common standout, Cumulus rugs that looked like clouds floating in the sky and even rugs with recycled saris weaved through! What a sensory experience we had!

Recycled saris in this gorgeous rug! With wonderful colours to choose from, these rugs make STATEMENT pieces!


We discovered the rugs were made primarily in Nepal and India at approximately 50 degree heat weather. It often takes 6 months to complete, with the ‘finishing stages’ dependant on the loops and knots. The finishing stages can in fact be multiple stages.

As well as the heat, often the conditions are very different to here in the West. Rugs are put out in the sun on the roof to endure temperature climate and weathering. After the rug has been created it goes through countless washing processes to ensure longevity, durability and softness. In addition, pressure testing to ensure colours do not bleed and finally to ensure the quality.

Ultimately, what this means is that by the time you as the customer purchases a rug, it has actually endured quite a process. Therefore, rugs are suitable to foot traffic, liquids spills, children, animals and the like. Of course, the choice is yours to decide what is right for you in your home in terms of softness, plush durability and aesthetics.

Don’t you just want to curl up in this rug? We sure do! Give us a book and a glass of wine and we are set!


When choosing rugs, there are of course standard sizes. As Birdblack Design is a bespoke design company, we guarantee bespoke designs and sizing. We take in the entire design process to decide what size, colour and material would best suit you home – even to the point of shape, and functional layout.

Zoning is critical in the home as we can create different sections to make your home seem larger. Round rugs and oval rugs are of course stand out pieces, but nothing says luxury like a huge rectangle rug that is an art piece in and of itself.

Zoning perfection here at ‘Spring Residence’. One space; three rooms thanks to clever rug layouts.

If your home needs some warmth this Autumn or Winter season. contact us now so we can arrange a bespoke, custom rug just for you!

Talk soon,
BD x

We love this one at ‘Mountain Residence’. We had to include it! Cover image is also ‘Mountain Residence’. LOVE.