Refresh your home this Spring

Over the past week or so it seems Spring has finally arrived, treating us with beautiful sunshine and fresh blooms in the garden. It is the perfect time of year to give your home a refresh prior to the hectic holiday season which is fast approaching.  We have given you a few tips to help get you started.

1.     Spring clean.

The key to a good spring clean is by starting small. If you think ‘today I’m going to spring clean the whole house’ and then step back and look at what you have to do you’ll probably become overwhelmed and not even begin at all. Pick a room to start with and work from there. Your living spaces are a good starting point.The kitchen can then follow and if you own a Tupperware cupboard then you might need a solid day to get through this.

Designed by Blupeter Homestore

2.      Move some furniture

Moving loose furniture and rearranging rooms in your home without having to buy any new pieces will transform a space and not cost you a cent. Plus it’s fun to change things up so get pushing.

Designed by Griffiths Design Studio

3.     Store items neatly

If you’ve got piles of things starting to build up our suggestion is to first go through them and throw out what you don’t need. For whatever is left make a list of those items and then head out to the shops and purchase a heap of storage files, baskets and boxes. It’s better to have these things neatly tucked away then on show and in a mess.

Designed by Nikki Yazxhi

4.   Get some blooms

Fresh flowers and greenery are the perfect indicator of warm weather looming. Either go and buy a bunch from your local florist or snip some off from the garden.Greenery in a home makes a world of difference. And if you kill everything that grows then look at some low maintenance plants like succulents or indoor plants. The best advice we can give is know your plants needs and try not to over care or abandon. You need to find the happy medium.

Designed by Bicker Design

5.     Soothing Smells

You only have to open a window to be able to smell the fresh scent of Spring. Once you’ve done your big cull of things not needed it’s time to clean. And I mean really clean, go and get those cobwebs at the front entry and wipe down the walls full of fingerprint (particularly around light switches). Once the cleaning is done light yourself a candle and enjoy the harvest of your hard work.

6.     Freshen the beds

Did you know that the expiry of a bed pillow is 2 years? If you have had your pillow longer than that and it’s looking discoloured then it’s time to bin it. Apart from the list of germs and allergens that can reside in a pillow it’s a nice way to treat yourself and ensure you’ll be getting a good night’s rest. Along with the pillow how about updated the bed linen, cushions and throws. And who doesn’t love the feeling of getting into crisp bed linen.

Designed by Mim Design

Written by Birdblack Design