Our week in review, let’s chat about timber

This week at BIRDBLACK DESIGN, we revealed our ‘Miranda Residence 2’ bathroom.

Prior to renovating, the main bathroom was tired; lacking in both personality and style. When redesigning the space, our focus was multifaceted: ensure the space became highly functional, maximise the storage space, and give the bathroom an inviting, contemporary aesthetic.

The absolute showstopper in this bathroom is the beautifully custom made solid American oak vanity. We coupled this with functional drawers and an extra shelf for styling towels. Solid timber is a great investment when incorporating it within an interior, whether it be custom joinery, timber floors, outdoor decking, timber wall panelling or benchtops.

Although today timber laminates (man-made) are undeniably advanced, replicating the ‘look’ of real timber nothing will ever quite compare to the authentic material. Of course, you will find a similarity when comparing man-made marble manufactured in a factory to its natural counterpart: authentic marble imported from Italy. However, when placed side-by-side, nothing beats the real deal.

When investing in natural timber, it is important to be aware that there will be natural colour variation, and knots within the timber grain.  This is the natural beauty of the material, similar to the highly valued imperfections of authentic pearls.

In addition, there is the maintenance to consider. The natural timbers may require a little more initial tender loving care when compared to veneers. For example, the material may require a sanding, a re-stain or a coat of wax within the first few years. This will be dependant on the use and how much moisture and water gets splashed on the timber surface. However, it is the longevity you also purchase when acquiring natural timbers, and in the end, the natural product will outlive its timber look-a-likes.

Below is another example showing how timber can be incorporated into any room within your home.

ARENT & PYKE KITCHEN (Timber breakfast bar)

Our custom vanity added warmth to our bathroom renovation. The grey fish-scale tiles, which feature a subtle crackled glaze, were the perfect backdrop. This added a textural element to the space as well as colour.

Above this feature, we installed even more storage with semi-recess mirror cabinetry. This cabinetry extends along the entire wall, making use of every inch of space. We more than satisfied the storage brief.

An alternative to custom made vanities are the stunning Zuster Issy Halo vanities. These pieces of art are known for their stunning round handles and routed timber panelled fronts. These pieces are sure to make a bold and spectacular statement within a bathroom or powder room. They are available in a wide range of finishes, ranging from a classic oak veneer to an ultra-contemporary and moody pony oak finish.


For more information, including our “Before & After” photos of our ‘Miranda Residence 2’ bathroom, click on the Bathroom & Laundry Design tab HERE.