Move over Residential – Commercial Designs, we are coming for you!

Have you been inside one of our Birdblack Design commercial spaces and not realised it?

Birdblack Design has long been known for our impeccable Residential interior designs. We have clients nationally and internationally,with awards and accolades on both local and national levels. However, we are so pleased to announce that our Commercial portfolio is growing at a rapid rate!We began with local businesses but in 2019, we have developed into national and international businesses as well!

As most of our readers are aware, we are located in Wollongong, NSW, just south of Sydney.

Here are some of our stunning Commercial ventures in our local area:

– Toscani & Blow Bar – hair salon and champagne bar

– Ron De Vu – cocktail and wine bar

– South Sailor – restaurant and bar

– Ray White – real estate agent

– Dr Rajapaksa – general practitioner office

– Harbourfront Restaurant –  waterfront seafood restaurant and bar

– The Olive Branch – floristry with bakery and café attached

– Birdblack Design – Interior Design Studio

In 2019, we were also able to venture interstate for two new commercial ventures, and one internationally in the USA!

– Fundamental Health Canberra – Osteopathy  Clinic, CANBERRA, ACT

– Urban Miss – Makeup  & Blow Bar, TOWNSVILLE, QLD

– Dr Whitney Weiner – Periodontist Clinic, DETROIT,MICHIGAN, USA

With Commercial Design, you as the business owner are creating an interior for your brand,business and customers. It is important to consider all aspects of the design process. If leasing a commercial space, it is imperative that you are aware of your lease conditions from the very beginning. This will save you from coming across future problems.

‘Toscani & Blow Bar’ – with custom-made pink concrete benchtops,pops of pink and brass throughout the salon and bar, Toscani really knows how to make a girl feel special! Interior Design: Birdblack Design Photography: Hannah Ladic Photography


We appreciate that when it comes to commercial budgets, our clients do not want to break the bank. In your first consultation meeting with Birdblack Design, we will ask “What is the total budget?” Due to our vast and diverse experience in the industry, we can generally gauge what is a realistic budget for the dreams in mind, and what may require some consideration. We can then provide a more realistic estimated figure.

Due to our expertise, our contacts, and our suppliers, we guarantee we will make the most out of your budget. Birdblack Design are not ones for cutting corners, but we are all for stunning designs and fabulous finishes. After all, not only is your brand on show in your commercial space, ours is too! We certainly want your business to POP with pleasure and for your clientele to adore what you have done with the place.

It is definitely well worth the investment of a professional interior designer to ensure your space is designed with divine aesthetics, the most practical / functional layout and suitable materials, ensuring your brand is flowing throughout the space.

‘Birdblack Design’ – our fabulous statement abstract wallpaper and cobalt blue walls. We are designers; you can expect us to be BOLD in our own studio! Interior Design: Birdblack Design Photography: The Palm Co

Building Codes and Australian Standards

When it comes to layout, materials, and building, Australia has a set of Building Codes and standards which must be adhered to. This is a detailed document stating information including but not limited to:

–         Number of bathrooms required within the space

–         Standard distances required for walkways, bathrooms etc

–         Flooring slip rating required

–         Signage requirements

Liaising with a reputable private certifier will ensure the intended design is adhering to all the requirements stated in the in depth documents.

It is also important to consider ergonomics. Ergonomics is the movement of the body throughout the space. For example, at ‘Toscani &Blow Bar’ we had to measure the areas required by the hairdresser during every stage: washing, drying, cutting, styling. This important aspect cannot be overlooked. At Birdblack Design, we work these dimensions to ensure the area is allowed for within the designated space.Small details like this could result in a chaotic, cramped space which in turn can result in business decline as customers recollect discomfort. The same can be said for seating in restaurants and bars… we all know the pain of squeezing between chairs in an over-stacked space!

‘Ron De Vu’ – the custom neon signage, surrounded by green foliage, patterned timber and brass highlights, is still the eye catcher of this interior! Interior Design: Birdblack Design Photography: Hannah Ladic Photography


Durability, functionality,and efficiency are essential factors when considering commercial fixtures,materials and furniture. It is imperative the space can withstand the intended time frame. There is nothing worse than replacing items within a year. Consider your clientele and the daily needs of your establishment.

Birdblack Design has an extensive library of contacts and suppliers – let us help you make correct decisions during your refurbishment.

‘South Sailor’ – this aqua fish scale tile is the perfect backdrop. Used in a combination of various shades of blue and Tasmanian Oak creating stunning cohesion and harmony. Interior Design: Birdblack Design Photography: Hannah Ladic Photography

The Team

Communication between all those involved with the design project is vital. Birdblack Design ensures all involved are on the same page throughout the whole process and understand the design intent to a tee. This team can include the client, Interior Designer, builder, tradies, joinery fitters, private certifiers, landlord (if necessary), etc. This communication is quintessential to ensuring a seamless, efficient build process.

‘Toscani & Blow Bar’ – many fabulous design aspects pulled together through excellent tradespeople. Interior Design: Birdblack Design Photography: Hannah Ladic Photography


If you have an idea of a commercial space and are in the process of gaining approvals and / or searching for a space, get in contact with an Interior Designer! We can guide you as to whether the space is suitable for your business. As soon as a space has been chosen and approved for a commercial space, the client has to start paying rent… so time is money. It is best to have a plan ready to go as soon as you get approved. It is also important to consider that you may have to gain council approvals prior to the build commencing. Having said all that, Commercial projects are very much a fast turn around in comparison to residential projects. It is important to be well organised and invest in a project manager to ensure everything is scheduled efficiently.

Birdblack Design is keen to continue developing our Commercial portfolio, so get in touch, business owner! We would love to chat! For more information on all the above commercial ventures, check out our Gallery here

Birdblack Design holds a deep passion for our commercial projects. We simply adore seeing the final result from the other side – as a paying customer or client! You know you will be able to rely on us for recommendations as well. Our work is on display at your establishment, we love that!

Written by Birdblack Design