Meet the Team: Stuart

Join us in extending a big, warm welcome to Birdblack Design’s newest Senior Designer, Stuart Gibson.

Stuart from a young age has had a passion for design and drawing. As he finished up at school, Stuart continued his studies; graduating with a Diploma in Architectural Drafting. From there, he has continued to live out his dreams, with a longstanding career, spanning 20years in the design field.

A young Stuart, ready to conquer the design world. Photos of the 90s, amiright?

Wanting to be wild and free, on his 18th birthday, Stuart invited his Dad and three of his friends to go skydiving. Tandem skydiving simply wasn’t enough, so the group signed up for the skydiving course and jumped out solo to celebrate this milestone. Stuart is fairly adamant that despite being indeed a wild adventure, he “wouldn’t necessarily do it again, haha! Once is enough!”

Stuart and his Dad are still great mates and love to be involved in each other’s lives.  

Having survived the jump, at 20yrs old, Stuart landed a dream job at Garth Barnett Designers – one of the country’s leading Interior Designers, remaining there for 11years under Garth’s guidance and mentorship. During this period, Stuart prides himself with creating some amazing designs on some of Sydney’s most prestigious properties. Stuart says his time with Garth Barnett was “pivotal to my career and cemented my love for good design”.

A snapshot into what to expect from Stuart: PROJECT: “Seascape”. ROLE: Interior Designer. PREVIOUS COMPANY: Garth Barnett Designers. LOCATON: Redhead, NSW. BUILD: Egan Building Services

On a personal note, Stuart is married to the love of his life, Sam, and they have two young children: Hugo (7yrs), and Heidi (3yrs).

Matchy matchy pics always wins the hearts. Hugo looking great next to his Dad.
Sweet as Pie; Heidi rules the roost!

Prior to children, husband and wife travelled extensively: to Europe for the architecture and history, the Maldives for their honeymoon, and regularly to Hawaii for its beautiful beaches, great shopping and delicious food. At heart, Stuart is a family man. He loves watching his kids grow up and be part of them learning about the world and the experiences it has to offer.

Pictured here with Mickey Mouse in Hawaii, it looks like the whole family made a new friend!

We hope you enjoy getting to know Stuart in time to come.

Talk soon,
BD x