Meet the Team: Ryan

Ryan has been with Birdblack Design for two years. He is our qualified resident Interior Decorator, Curator and Stylist.

Starting off his decorating career at the tender age of 15, Ryan created a name for himself in visual merchandising. He is headhunted often for bespoke projects such as new retail venues, weddings, engagement parties and other milestone events. Ryan’s creative and innovative niche has certainly been developing decorated spaces to be a full sensory experience.

Ryan loves layers and textures, creating full sensory experiences as you wander through decorated spaces.

He comes from a very artistic family: his mother, sister and brother all favour the creative arts and adore decorating and designing as a family unit. Ryan is definitely a family man and favourite uncle to his niece and nephew. Ryan also became a “dad” of sorts to Henry, a Cavoodle puppy. Ryan loves kids, loves animals and loves making homes a place  for all to enjoy!

If this doesn’t scream “family man”… well… nothing will!
Awww… HENRY! A perfect companion for Ryan.

Speaking of homes, in 2018, Ryan bought his first house and has spent the last 18 months refurbishing and redecorating it into his dream home. To quote one of Ryan’s favourite movies “It’s not a house, it’s a home; a man’s home is his castle” (The Castle).

You will also find looking at some of the photos that Ryan’s touch certainly “adds a bit of charm” (another quote from The Castle).

This green is simply divine! This vintage castle is well under way!
This photo sums up Ryan perfectly!

In his spare time, Ryan also flexes his vocal chords, singing regularly at the Regent Theatre in Wollongong for Awaken Church.

Ryan has been singing for well over 17 years now!

His voice is as divine as his style.

After completing his Diploma of Interior Decoration at the Design Centre in Enmore, Ryan has used his skills to full affect.

He is well known for his colour blocking abilities,furniture selection and arrangements. His keen eye for detail is exquisite; he’s an asset to the Birdblack Design Team.

Here is the most recent Birdblack Design project Ryan has curated: ‘Mountain Residence’. Click here for more images on this Furniture Curation Package.

An Interior Decorator differs from an Interior Designer in that they are employed to create an interior in regards to aesthetics: colour choices, patterns, textures etc. They combine furnishings, floor coverings and fabrics in order to create a harmonious effect within the structure of the home.

Ryan is passionate about colour palettes, furniture layouts and art pieces and is highly skilled in transforming a space without renovating.

Ryan personally loves green, velvet and is a vintage icon. A man of character and charm; Ryan loves to op-shop, drink quality coffee and turn it up on the dancefloor.

We know you will love having Ryan redecorate and refurbish your home! His reputation as an Interior Decorator precedes him.

Get in touch now to have Ryan curate your home! Ps: There is a discount on the Furniture Curation Packages: check it out here.

Talk soon,

BD x