Meet the Team: Rachel

Rachel is a home-grown Birdblack Design superstar and has been with the BD Team for over three years now. What began as a 3-month internship whilst Rachel was an Interior Design student at Billy Blue College of Design blossomed into a part-time paid position and now a full-time paid position! Rachel is involved in all aspects of the business, from design to decorating, from styling to photo shoots and brings amazing amounts of passionate creativity with her.

Happy days! We love graduates!

Rachel is one of our qualified Interior Designers, but she has an incredible knack for Curating and Styling as well. Rachel has a multitude of talents and passionately gathers inspiration every single day: she is an artist through and through!

From as young as she can remember, Rachel has been infatuated with Interior Design. From design magazines, to perusing homeware stores, to Pinterest; her passion has always been creativity and design.

Look at that smile! Very happy to be checking out art exhibitions in Sydney!

Rachel comes from a small country town, Canowindra, which has a population of 2250 people. From a town where the most common career is agriculture, Rachel saw little opportunity to be creative, diverse or a young business woman, so she moved to Sydney and started her Design career.

Growing up in a country town, however, allowed Rachel to appreciate the beautiful things in life: visiting art galleries, local markets and homeware stores, floral arrangements and national parks (both coastal and bushland). Sampling life the way she does, Rachel has a wealth of knowledge and creativity under her belt which translates in her work life as curating gorgeous styling and introducing wonderful designs.

Rachel also loves putting her hands to floristry in her spare time.

Rachel is a very worldly young woman, spending her time sipping on delectable wines, eating fine cheeses, local produce and exotic European food. Her fave colours are blues, greens and pinks, she is a massive fan of texture and patterns, and she has made it known that gelato is her guilty pleasure!

Pretty in Pink in Barcelona, Spain.

As a young woman, Rachel loves to travel, experience and adventure. In her spare time, she loves hiking, bushwalking and finding peace amongst the scenery. Thankfully she is also great with the camera and shares some of her picturesque finds with the rest of us!

Tasmania Cradle Mountain – simply stunning!

At home, Rachel is always creating and gathering inspiration. Design and decorating are in her blood! Check out her most recent moodboard and the DIY Blog that goes with it!

Click the moodboard to read the DIY with Birdblack Design Blog!

Rachel currently oversees all the Furniture Curation Packages at BirdblackDesign. With fellow BD Curator, Ryan Xuereb, they are a force to be reckoned with in terms of decorating and styling your home.

Especially in this time where we are all spending more time at home is isolation, this may be the perfect time to get Rachel and Ryan online and allow them to modify your home into a more functional space to work, study and have family time without going crazy.

Here are two photos from Rachel’s most recent curations. Home doesn’t need to be an ugly mess right now.

Need space for everyone to have their own space?? Check out ‘Mountain Residence’ for more inspiration!
Need a bedroom haven to escape the isolation havoc at home?

Get in touch now to have Rachel curate your home and transform your house into a haven.
Ps: There is a discount on the Furniture Curation Packages: Check it out here.

Talk soon,
BD x