Meet the Team: Laura

The newest kid on the block is Laura May; her role is Creative Content Manager.

Sarah Nolen (Owner and Founder of Birdblack Design) met Laura several years ago. Laura tells the story:

“It was NYE, 2014. My friends and I were throwing a huge NYE party in a decorated alleyway. Actually, the party was decorated by Ryan Xuereb – who in 2018 would later become an integral part of the BD Team. What a world! Anyway, I first met Sarah and her husband Dave when they strolled into our party. Sarah was wearing a super cute dress, holding a bottle of Moet and promptly asked me, ‘Is there going to be dancing here?’ I smiled broadly and replied, ‘We’re gonna be friends’.
The rest, as they say, is history!”

The fabulous duo celebrating Sarah’s 30th Birthday years later at ‘Grenache Residence’.

It turned out Sarah and Dave heard about the party from mutual friends at Awaken Church in the Regent Theatre, Wollongong. Laura has attended Awaken since 2004 and is a passionate believer and follower of Christ. Over the last 16 years, she has dedicated much of her free time to teaching classes during the week, helping others find freedom.

Laura loves when friends come to church and say, “Wow– I didn’t expect it to look and sound like that!” 

Laura has a colourful personality and has had a wonderfully diverse career. From running kitchens and training apprentices in hospitality; to creative writing; to corporate and community event management; to working with young people and training them in leadership, she has a wealth of experience and vibrancy under her belt.
She also has an insatiable sweet tooth!

Laura will exchange favours for treats. Especially French pastries! 

Her penchant for hospitality, events and people lends itself towards parties and celebrating! Nothing makes her happier than friends, festivities and fun!

Laura’s annual Christmas Luncheon with the infamous $10 Secret Santa gifts. 11 years running this year!

Laura has always enjoyed travelling. Her travel wishlist is as long as her arm, but the next Top 3 destinations would have to be: sipping cocktails in picturesque Maldives, watching the Northern Lights from a glass igloo in Iceland, or the Hot Air Ballooning festival in Cappadocia, Turkey.

Relaxing in Gaudi’s Park Guell, Barcelona; daydreaming of the next travel destination!

Laura’s role includes copywriting and editing as well as creative writing for all social media, blogs and newsletters. Her role evolved into Creative Content Manager, with a strong marketing component. In March, Birdblack Design launched our Educational Series, Design Room, which she oversees. Laura believes education is paramount and learning an ongoing life skill.

Laura’s role assists Birdblack Design’s curators and designers do what they do best – be visual, creative and innovative masterminds. She is able to capture their creative processes, translate it and communicate it effectively to our followers and fans. Due to her leadership skillsets and training experience, Laura encourages success on broad spectrums, champions individual influences and inspires the culmination of these components for the benefit of Birdblack Design.

We hope you enjoy getting to know her in time to come!

Talk soon,
BD x