We’re sure you’ve already seen this beauty on our socials, but the official welcome is necessary.

WELCOME TO TEAM BDAlex!! We love having you here!

A quick little introduction: Alex Bugosh is a recent graduate from the University of Technology Sydney, graduating with her Bachelor in Interior ArchitectureAlex was an Intern with Birdblack Design in 2019, adding to her technical studies. In 2021, Alex accepted a permanent part-time role and has fit in spectacularly with Team BD.

Like so many graduates and students all over the world, Alex’s Graduation was an online ceremony, with thanks to Covid. Regardless, Team BD celebrates you Alex!

Originally from Colorado, USA, Alex moved to Australia in 2015 and very quickly settled into Wollongong. Hailing from Fort Collins, Colorado; a place vastly different to the Illawarra, Alex grew up in the highest elevated state in the US amongst the mountains and the snow. Activities outdoors, camping, skiing and enjoying Colorado’s obsession with craft beer are high up on Alex’s passions for her hometown.

Winter Wonderlands can be so romantic!

Alex has been fortunate enough to live all over the US, living in six states and studying in Colorado, Ohio and San Francisco. More than just a domestic traveller of the United States, Alex has extensively travelled the world, travelling to every continent except South America and Antarctica.

The iconic Brooklyn Bridge in New York, New York.

Having settled here in Wollongong, fate had its way, and Alex met the love of her life – a good ol’ fashioned Aussie bloke! The pair just became recently engaged and preparations are under way for their upcoming nuptials. Keep your eyes peeled for some wedding inspo, sure to hit our socials as Alex prepares for the big day!

Blake repping that Harley merch!

Here in Wollongong, the pair enjoy time cooking for family and friends, taking the Harley Davidson out for rides up and down the coast, camping and cute little coffee dates every Saturday morning by the beach. ‘Alone time’ activities include Pilates daily and all things design! Blake will often come home to a new floral arrangement, ornament, decoration or rearrangement.

Interior Design is certainly a passion for Alex – it’s so much more than “just a job”. This is quite the theme of all our designers, which is fantastic because our clients know that our designers will treat the clients’ homes with the same love and respect that we would treat our own!

One more travel pic! Manhattan and the exquisitely designed Empire State Building. #wanderlust

No doubt Alex will produce spectacular results in both residential and commercial design, and some fabulous transformations and renovations. With all the travelling she has done, you can be sure the inspiration is plentiful and absolutely chock-full of variation and diversity.

Get in contact with Birdblack Design to have a taste of what this AMERICAN BEAUTY has to offer!

Talk soon,
BD x