Making a small space look large

I’m going to let you in on some of my greatest design secrets in this article. When you get clever about design you can make a box sized room look big- so let me tell you how.

There is definitely a misconception amongst people that having white or light coloured floor and wall tiles will make your space look huge. Wrong and wrong again. Here’s my tip to
achieving a spacious look with the help of specific tile selections.

First of all start with the floor, select a tile that is going to be a darker contrast than your wall tiles. It doesn’t mean you have to go absolute black but any tone that will contrast will work. If you’re using white wall tiles look at options like charcoals, timber look porcelains, dark marbles like Antique brown and Emperador. How this works- when there is a definite contrast between the horizontal and vertical planes your eye will immediately go to their connection point. So you’ve straight away found the furthest point of the room. The problem with having white on white is that there is no immediate point for your eye to fixate on, thus making the walls appear closer than what they actually are.Besides the colours you select don’t be afraid to use a large format tile. The larger the tile the more ‘slab’ look you’ll achieve. Large tiles produce a seamless aesthetic and less grout lines.

‍Bathroom designed by Hobbs Jamieson Architecture

Another trick for tiling is to take your wall tiles right from the floor up to the ceiling. It’s all about where your eye goes whether we want it too or not. As common as it has been in the past, stopping your wall tiles around the 1800mm mark automatically attracts your eyes and cuts the room down in height. When the tiles run to the ceiling it accentuates the height of the room.

‍Thirroul residence | Birdblack design

Moving away from tiles is an inexpensive item that can create a huge impact- the mirror. Mirror is a brilliant product due to its versatility. You can have just about any shape or size you desire. You can dress it up but having it framed in a decorative border or sandblast your own pattern onto it. But best of all, it’s cheap to purchase. There’s no surprise that mirrors help
emphasise size so use it to your advantage. A large mirror will bounce light around the room and also reflect the other walls making your bathroom seem larger than it is.

You can use more than one mirror in a bathroom. Make sure you’ve got a large mirror over your vanity space so that two people can get ready standing beside one another. A full
height mirror on the back of the bathroom door is not only practical to see yourself in full length but will also aid in creating a spacious look.

‍Bathroom designed by Decus Interiors

My final trick of the trade is by far the most underutilised of them all- the lighting. Lighting design and the selection of fittings is often overlooks and boy will the bathroom suffer because of it. I’m sure you’ve all experienced poor lighting before; shadows on your face where they shouldn’t be, too dark to see what’s at the back of your vanity drawers. Invest in good
quality lighting and think about the placement of your fittings. Doing this will ensure the room is bright and fresh but it will also do wonders for you when you look at yourself in the mirror.

LED lighting is by far the cleanest and brightest lighting on the market. Not only do the fittings have no heat output but the globes will last the lifetime of your bathroom. Once you go LED you’ll undoubtedly soon after be retrofitting your entire house, changing from the old halogen and incandescent bulbs to LED.

‍Bathroom designed by Bates Smart

Written by Birdblack Design