Life’s Little Luxuries: The Laundry

Ah, yes, we are all too well aware of life’s duties: cooking, cleaning and laundry.

Such are the joys of life with washing, ironing and folding!  What if we told you we could transform this daily menial task into one of life’s little luxuries? Once Birdblack Design has gotten hold of your laundry room, it certainly can be!  We love designing standard laundries into spaces that are not only aesthetically beautiful, but well designed and highly functional.  With intricate design, we can ensure that on completion, our client will actually enjoy their time in their laundry as opposed to dreading it!


Laundries are often tight, dark and enclosed spaces and hardly uplifting! Here at Birdblack Design,we ensure our designs offer ample space for all your laundry needs: storage,washing, drying, ironing, folding and even enough space left over to wash your dog!If there is simply not enough space in your existing room available, we design with the rest of the home in mind. Options can include having a linen closet nearby within the home, or storing the ironing board in a nook we create in your living space, we can even create a discreet cleaning cupboard in the kitchen! The beauties of creative and innovative designs are just some of our strengths.

Our ‘Kiama 2 Residence’ laundry design. We were able to completely strip out this room and include maximised working areas. We used a combination of full height storage for brooms and mops along with overhead units.  Design: Birdblack Design


The washing machine and dryer can be located underbench, stacked or secured atop a plinth.  Plinths are excessively handy when you are not able to bend down and require appliances ata convenient height.


True in any room, lighting makes a huge impact on a space. More often than not, a laundry has a small window and an external door. Wherever possible, we try and exceed this typical design. Every inch of light is valuable to any space. A way to maximise light is to ensure you have a glass external door.Nobody wants to be folding clothes within a dark and gloomy space.

Ventilation is equally as important, especially when you have a dryer.There are two options for this: ceiling fans or open windows. We prefer installing both.

Laundries can be designed to suit any aesthetic style. Design: Kate Walker Design 


Washing baskets, linen, dirty clothes, cleaning products, brooms,buckets, irons…the list goes on. When we meet with our clients discussing their laundry design, we determine answers to very brief questions including: how many washing hampers would you like, do you require space for an iron, do you have a stick vacuum? We endeavour to configure the space to our client’s individual needs and requirements.  We often install special joinery hardware which enables every inch of space to be utilised, even dead corners.


When designing in ironing boards, it essentially comes down to convenience and available space. Some people iron daily; others iron once every two weeks. For clients whom iron regularly, we recommend installing a Robin Hood ironing system. These can be installed onto a wall or integrated within joinery.


Hanging rails are super popular and convenient: the perfect spot to conveniently hang your ironing or drip dry clothes. We integrate these within the overhead cabinetry, often in combination with open shelving.

Laundry hanging rail: convenient and classic.Design: Cantilever


When it comes to sink mixers, the important question is would you like pull-out sink mixer? These become extremely handy when rinsing clothes,cleaning the sink and filling up buckets.

We even design in hand showers for clients who like to wash their dogs in the laundry sink.

Tapware is available in a large array of colours including polished chrome, gunmetal and brass, just to name a few.

Laundries should be both functional and beautiful.Design: Decus Interiors


When space is an issue, or an additional toilet is required within a home, we can certainly design in a toilet. This may reduce your storage space,however in the end it comes down to your individual priorities for your home and family.

No space within your home for a powder room? We can certainly design a classy toilet within your laundry space. Design: Birdblack Design

To see and learn more about our ‘Kiama 2 Residence’ be sure to watch the renovation walkthrough video below.

From gloomy to glam, Birdblack Design are here for your laundry transformation or new laundry design and we are ready to introduce you to the next level of life’s little luxuries.