Leather Lovin’

Here at Birdblack Design, we absolutely love sourcing natural materials. We love everything from natural stone to genuine leather. Leather has quite literally been around since the beginning of time, and as such, is a wonderfully versatile product. Over the centuries, it has been used for shelter, for clothing and, in this modern era, for decorative purposes within interior design.

We do appreciate personal preference and taste in this regard and for those who would prefer not to affiliate with real hides, there are also 100%synthetic leathers on the market which provide the gorgeous aesthetic without hindering any personal ethics.

Tan leather recessed pull handles featured in our “Gymea Residence 1” bathroom. Designed by Birdblack Design. Photographed by The Palm Co

Leather is created by the tanning of animal hides and skins. Hides are most commonly biproducts from cows; others can include goat, deer and buffalo.

Leather is a stunning product, it showcases the natural grains and creases present in the hide. They also change over time as they go through their natural wear and tear, which could result in the change of colouring and texture in certain areas of the leather. We call this process “aging gracefully”.

The leather detailing of this bedhead at the Sofitel Sydney Darling Harbour is brilliant! Photographed by Madeleine Baxter Design 

There are many different qualities of leather. They differ depending on which animal the hide comes from, the age of the animal, and what grain of the hide is used. Prime, full grain leather is produced from young cows.

Apart from the many different qualities of leather, leather is also available to clients in an endless array of colours. The hides are dyed at tanneries. There are various processes for this, including a natural vegetable dying process.Colours range from natural, earthy colour tones to fuchsia pinks and cobalt blues.

A sample of our extensive leather collection at the Birdblack Design studio.

Leather adds warmth and texture to every space. Due to its versatility,it is suitable for all interior styles ranging from rustic country right through to sleek, minimal interiors. It is essential, however, to pick the correct leather type, colour and application. That’s where Birdblack Design comes in. We have many leather samples in our studio which vary in finishes, colours and price points. These can be used to create custom pieces including armchairs, lounges, custom bedheads, dining chairs, ottomans, pendant lights, cushions.  The possibilities (like our love for leather) are endless.

A classic, timeless kitchen featuring leather barstools. Designed by Elizabeth Kruegar design

Birdblack Design has suppliers who also create handcrafted artisan products including handles, coat hooks and shelving. These Australian made handcrafted pieces are lovely touches to our custom joinery.

These handcrafted artisan leather handles in our interiors are simply stunning.

Written by Birdblack Design