Lavish, Lush or Laidback – Living Room Lessons

One of the most comfortable rooms in the house is, of course, the living room. Whether you are lounging around watching TV, chatting over glass of wine or reading a book; living rooms lend themselves to be a space of togetherness –encouraging entertaining, relaxation and cosiness.

Birdblack Design simply lives for adding layers of comfortability and soothing aesthetics to evoke ultimate relaxation for you and your family. Elements of comfort can come from the touch of a particular item, such as the feel of a plush rug, a super soft cushion or a lounge suite that you could nap on forever. However, cosiness is also achieved through ambiance and mood: created by lighting, colour schemes and materials used within a space, triggering many of your other senses – sight, sound and even smell.

Spatial planning is critical in a living room and Birdblack Design certainly encourages engaging a professional Interior Designer. To create a perfect balance, many aspects need to be considered. Alongside the obvious aesthetic choices, functionality alongside the clients’lifestyles needs to be contemplated and actualised.  Some thoughts may include storage, seating,ample (and adequately positioned) power points, lighting functionalities and more! Professionals are well versed in the fine details and how to incorporate them seamlessly into a living space.

Our ‘Spring Street’ Living Room had enough space to incorporate an additional cosy sitting room in front of the fireplace. Design: Birdblack Design Photographed by: The Palm Co

When designing a living room, one of our first questions is: “Would you like a TV?” This often defines a space, as you require an uninterrupted wall which is suitable for the television display. It is essential that the TV is positioned in a prime location for viewing. Also important for consideration is the size of the TV, ensuring that all the variables including furniture, wall size and joinery work are in proportion.

Besides TVs, another fabulous living room favourite is a fireplace.  Don’t we all love to snuggle up beside a fireplace on a winters’ evening, hot chocolate in hand! If you want ultimate comfort and ambiance, a fireplace will always deliver. Of course, there are many options when it comes to choosing a fireplace: gas, woodfire, double sided etc. We find we are installing more and more gas fireplaces due to the sheer low maintenance.

For our ‘Spring St’ fireplace,we installed a gas fireplace and cladded the surround in a stunning grey,concrete-look porcelain slab. This definitely ticked the box for a sleek,contemporary interior. This concrete look is paired with a walnut timber and a show-stopping brass kickboard beneath the fireplace.

The stunning, sleek gas fireplace installed in our ‘Spring St’ project. Design: Birdblack Design Photographed by: The Palm Co

Furniture can often be overwhelming to choose as there is simply just so much on the market. Here at Birdblack Design,we guide you in the right direction, selecting individual furniture pieces that work together in unison.  We are mindful of sizing, proportions and overall spatial planning. We work our magic through Designer Only Suppliers, which benefit us with advantageous products you will not be exposed to in generic downtown furniture stores.

Furniture selection often means custom furniture. Here we are selecting colours for a custom rug.

In our humble opinion, an absolute must when designing a living room is a rug. Rugs not only provide warmth under foot, but also assist in zoning spaces. At ‘Spring St’, a round rug zoned the fireplace sitting room, whilst a rectangle rug was utilised in the living area. Proportions and sizing are essential when choosing a rug. Birdblack Design love to opt for oversized rugs: visually alluding to a larger space whilst appearing clean and elegant.

The exquisite ‘Spring Street’ Living Room adjoining their great outdoors Design: Birdblack Design Photographed by: The Palm Co

Soft furnishings including cushions and throws provide warmth and comfort through physical touch, colour, pattern and texture. These items are easy to swap and change: the beauty of versatility when you’re ready for a new look!

Joinery continues throughout the sitting and living room, creating a seamless flow in our ‘Spring Street’ project. Design: Birdblack Design Photographed by: The Palm Co

Window furnishings have the obvious ability to block out light, but can also add valuable ambiance to a space. We love the elegant backdrop these sheers have graced our ‘Spring St’ project with.We opted for a simple colour palette as we did not want to misdirect the attention away from the main elements within the space: the fabulous furniture and jaw-dropping joinery.

Sheer curtains adding a layer of elegance to our ‘Spring Street’ project Design: Birdblack Design Photographed by: The Palm Co

Décor and special sentimental items create the feeling of belonging and comfort, along with the people you share the space with. Whether lavish or laidback, Birdblack Design aims to make your Living Room the most liveable room in your house.

Written by Birdblack Design