Kid Friendly Bathrooms

If you have kids then you’ll know all too well how chaotic mornings can be before the kids make it to school. We think most families would attest to the mad house a home can quickly transform into. When designing a new home or renovating an old home you need to keep in mind all of the ages of the people who are going to live within those walls. If you’ve got a typical house 3-4 bedroom with 2 bathrooms then you’ll general dedicate one of these bathrooms as an ensuite for the parents. The other will be used as the kids/main bathroom. Here are some of my tips to help make the mornings of getting ready run smoother.

Designed by Three Birds Renovations

1.      Multiple Basins

The key to getting a kids bathroom working is to ensure more than one person can be in there at the same time. If you incorporate two basins that will allow at least two kids to be brushing teeth or doing their hair rather than having a lineup outside the door.

We also find having a separate toilet room can aid in the efficiency of the entire space. If you do have a separate WC room then have a think about installing a smaller powder room basin in here so that you can wash your hands without having to enter the main bathroom area. You can also put a mirror and power point in this room which will act as a smaller bathroom should the main space be occupied. This works especially well if you’ve got teenage girls.

Designed by Cortney Bishop design

2.      Accessible Storage

If you’ve got little ones then having storage which is reachable is a good start. Drawers are a lot easier to access as they allow the entire contents of the drawer to be pulled out to you rather than digging around in a dark cupboard. We often design in a tall unit which is a slim vertical unit mounted to the wall. A typical size for one of these would be 300-400mm wide x 300-400mm deep x 1500-1800mm high. They are a brilliant way to store bulk storage without taking up valuable bench space. Inside this unit you can have adjustable shelves which could be allocated to each child. Also put your powerpoints in here to avoid a build-up of electrical products on the vanity benchtop. They can always stay plugged in and when you’ve finished using them put it back on the shelf and close the door.

Designed by The Designory

3.      Fun Finishes

We have had the odd client who has let their kids have full reign of selecting the tiles for their bathroom, let’s just say we are not encouraging you to go this way. We are however giving you full permission to introduce some bright colours and bold patterns. This could be in the way of feature tiles or pendant lighting at the basin. If adding in bright and bold colours to your walls is a little scary then perhaps a more risk free option would be to introduce colour in the joinery. Having a yellow and grey mix for your vanity drawer fronts is an easy way to make a statement and to clearly define that this is a kid’s space. The great thing about using it on your drawer fronts is that if you get sick of it you can just repaint later on. Make sure you specify a polyurethane painted finished which is a sprayed on paint finish that is baked on to provide a robust surface.

Designed by Decus Interiors

Written by Birdblack Design