Is your Bathroom a Retreat or a Regret?

Bathrooms should be a sanctuary and a haven. It’s the room in your home where you prepare for the day in the morning and wash the day off you at night.

Bathrooms the last few years are increasingly becoming less of a “wash room” and much more a luxury space to retreat. Instead of being a room to quickly wash your hands and brush your teeth, the notion of Bathrooms is being transformed into sanctuaries.

In 2020, Bathrooms will be the ultimate place for preparation in the morning; a space where you can not only shower, get dressed and do hair and makeup, but also have space to mentally compose yourself, arrange your plans and schedules and feel ready to have a winning day!

Of an evening in 2020, you can expect to hear of more and more people utilising their Bathroom sanctuaries to unwind and relax in the evening, providing space for restoration and rejuvenation after a long day.

Throughout the entire design process, Birdblack Design tailor design every single detail to meet the individual needs of our clients and their households. This may mean layout, functionality and practicality. Whether an Ensuite, Main Bathroom or Guest Bathroom, we are familiar with what is required in each of these spaces.

Dilemmas our clients regularly face, prior to engaging Birdblack Design, can include lack of storage, limited vanity area and no space to simply breathe and be. We can’t tell you how many times we hear the same things over and over again from our clients as they engage us to redo their Bathrooms.

How many of these common concerns can you relate to?

Muddled Bathroom Drawers

Why do Bathrooms only have one or two drawers? For 3, 4 or more people?

Why do Ensuites have even less?

Why are the whole family’s belongings and beauty products thrown haphazardly into one drawer, creating chaos and confusion in the mornings?

Birdblack Design can help you overcome this nightmare but installing organisational systems into your joinery. We regularly utilise deep drawers with installed separators, making designated space for each member of the family and for all your beauty and health products, daily, weekly and monthly. The sheer relief of opening a wide, deep drawer which is organised into specified sections is simply spectacular.

This gorgeous black, white and yellow Bathroom is not only a visual showstopper, but at ‘Blanchard Residence’, there are plenty of drawers for every family member!

Recessed Mirror Cabinetry & Tile Ledges

Similarly, often the mirror cabinets are a mine field of cosmetics, health products and medicine. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a gorgeous aesthetically pleasing Bathroom, along with wonderfully organised and clean spaces?

Birdblack Design are huge fans of tile ledges as well. A perfect ledge to display your most used products, lotions, soaps, candles and greenery.

‘Edward Residence’ boasts wall to wall cabinetry, allowing every family member to store their individual products and lotions separately. The tile ledge then becomes an aesthetically pleasing display.

Dirty Nooks and Crannies (that are hard to clean)

There is nothing more frustrating than trying to sweep or mop a Bathroom, and your broom and mop doesn’t even fit in the space. You end up with nooks and crannies where dust and hair collect and to be honest, it is just gross!

Birdblack Design opts for floating vanities, with plenty of room to put brooms and mops underneath. Another clever way is to utilise Ballerina Vanity units – inspired by ballerinas dancing en pointe.

This fabulous charcoal American oak vanity makes cleaning a breeze at our ‘Karimbla 1 Residence’.

Limited Vanity Space

We know very well that limited vanity space is a huge problem for many clients. Whether it is an outdated house, a growing family or newly discovered family needs, Birdblack Design understands that by utilising previously dead corners and wasted space, we can revamp not only your Bathroom, but your sanctuary lifestyle!

Birdblack Design loves ample benchtop space. We do not like clutter! We think we delivered exactly that at our ‘Girvan Residence’ – wouldn’t you agree?

Dark and Not Well Ventilated

Let’s not even get started about dark and dingy, with no airflow! Skylights and highlight windows are a wonderful addition to any Bathroom. Beautiful natural light really enhance a space, adding luxury instantaneously. Breathe in, breathe out… ahhhh.

‘Whelan Residence’ features both a highlight window and a skylight in this Bathroom!

Designated Appliance Drawers

You know what can be frustrating to look at? A benchtop full of electrical cords – one for the electric shaver, one for the electric toothbrush, hairdryer, hair straightener and all of a sudden, your Bathroom space is a house for cords instead of make-up and beauty products. Birdblack Design opts for installing in designated drawers and cupboards with incorporated power outlets where these small appliances can be stored and utilised daily. Clever designing means no unsightly cord messes in your Bathroom space!

Store all your hair appliances in a concealed drawer or cupboard like this one at ‘Chester Residence, Detroit, USA’. Creative and innovative design at its best!

If your Main Bathroom, Ensuite or Powder Room is lacking in any or all of these features and you just can’t stand it anymore, get in contact with us!
Birdblack Design is itching to transform your Bathroom of Regret into the Sanctuary you deserve!

Talk soon,
BD x