Top 5 Bathroom Tech

Technology is advancing rapidly in today’s society, it is even the case in bathroom technology, especially with the rise of smart homes.

We spend a huge amount of time in the bathroom doing basic tasks like brushing your teeth, showering, applying makeup, using the toilet, showering and of course the dreaded cleaning. Why not spend that time in style, comfort and convenience? Here are five new bathroom technologies to help you on your way.

1. Heated towel rails -by Hydrotherm

Hydrotherm, an Australian company specialises in energy efficient and stylish heated towel rails. They are manufactured with copper tubing which creates efficient thermal conductivity ensuring quick and even heat transfer to your towel. Just set the timer and they are set. Perfect for those cold winter nights.They have a great range of combinations and styles. With the vertical tube series, a standout. Perfect for contemporary and minimal bathrooms.  You can even get them powdercoated in a large range of colours to match your tapware and accessories.


2.  Hansgrohe Showers

On average we spend 8 minutes a day in the shower. The German engineered showers by Hansgrohe will leaving you wanting to stay in there for longer. The major draw card is their technology ‘Airpower’ which combines water and air to create soft, full water droplets, resulting in a wide and gentle output ensuring whole body coverage. They also feature different spray settings available within a click of a button including massage, rain air and intense rain.Their products are also Eco smart as they save water and energy without compromising the performance of the products. They have a large range of products available including rail showers and overheads in a range of sizes.


Bathroom design | Birdblack Design

3. Smart Toilet

Although smart toilets have been around since the 1980’s with Japan taking the lead with the washlet, Australia is now beginning to introduce them into the market. Toilets have come along way from being an eyesore in a bathroom to seamless organic designs with in wall cisterns and flush plates. The smart toilet is a step up from that. With many benefits including:

– Eliminating the dreaded toilet cleaning with an installed auto-cleaning retractable nozzle. A much more hygienic method.

– Heated seats

– Self-opening lids

– Integrated night lights

– Temperature and pressure adjustment options

– Intimate cleaning including washing and drying functions. Which is minimises paper waste.This is all controlled with a remote.


Roca smart toilet | Reece Bathrooms

4. LED Lighting

Perfect illumination is essential for bathrooms, especially at the vanity.

LED lighting has proven immense energy efficiency in comparison to traditional lighting methods.

–       Omit less energy

–       Long lifespan

–       Resistant to shock

–       Ecofriendly, containing no toxic materials

–       100% recyclable

–       Variety of lighting tones

Custom lighting is perfect for the vanity area. It can be incorporated into your cabinetry and mirrors and set on sensor swipes so you never have to actually touch a switch.

To lessen the use of lights you can opt for natural lighting through full height windows or skylights. Not only saving electricity costs but also creating a more fresh, natural ambiance to the space.


Custom mirror with integrated light and storage | b.e Architecture

5. Under Tile Heating

Want to add some extra comfort to your bathroom? Under tile heating is the best solution. The intricate system is made up of heating coils which heat up the tiles and as the heat rises your bathroom is left cosy and warm. This is all controlled by a thermostat which is set on a timer.The heating is quick and efficient providing comfort underfoot along with drying your wet floors, preventing the growth of mould eventuating in less cleaning. It is also price effective, costing on average 22.5 cents a day. A small cost to pay for adding extra luxe to a space. This technology is easy to install and suitable for both renovations and new builds.


Undertile heating / Carmen Heating
Written by Rachel Pace- Birdblack Design