Hacks 101: Laundry

Welcome to the LAUNDRY! Is yours dark and dank? Often the word Laundry is synonymous with dirt, grime and smelly filth. It can also be the room for the “storage of everything we don’t know where to put”.

During this coronavirus time, perhaps we have become all too aware of home duties: all that extra cooking, cleaning… and all that laundry! Sometimes it seems that the washing, ironing and folding just never ends.

We love designing Laundries like this one at ‘Hillview Residence’ – aesthetically striking, practical and highly functional.

We think it is fair to say most people don’t love “hanging out” in their Laundry. What if Birdblack Design told you we can transform this menial task for you?
With intricate design, we ensure our clients can enjoy their time in their Laundry instead of dreading it!

A clean, sleek workspace at ‘Taylor Residence’.

Let’s now take a look at the common pet peeves of Laundries.
How many can you relate to?


Nope! Birdblack Design prefer light and bright all the way. Laundries are often tight, dark and enclosed spaces. No one wants to spend time in cramped spaces dealing with grime and filth. So why are they designed like that?

More often than not, a Laundry has a small window and an external door. Every inch of light is valuable to any space. Wherever possible, we will maximise light – through highlight windows, a skylight, a glass external door.

Ventilation is equally as important, especially when you have a dryer. Ensure either ceiling fans or open windows. Birdblack Design aims to install both, creating airflow and a space to simply breathe.

‘Redgum Ridge’: the epitome of light and bright with a spectacular highlight window.


Take a good look around your Laundry. Is there wasted space? Dead corners? Are you knocking into everything trying to navigate the laundry basket?

Ample space is CRITICAL. Birdblack Design knows how to measure in practical and functional terms. We understand the need for bench space. We can pack a punch by reshuffling appliances, adding in shelving and cupboards, hampers and you will end up having more space than when you first started. Creative and innovative designs are just some of our strengths. Birdblack Design ensure our designs offer ample space for all your laundry needs: storage, washing, drying, ironing, folding and even enough space to wash your dog!

At ‘Sandy Foot Residence’, there is plenty of room for all the family needs!


If we have said it once, we have said it a thousand times – STORAGE IS KEY!
Key to cleanliness, key to organisation, key for those items that need a home: trust us.

Think of everything that needs a place: the washing baskets, the dirty clothes, the cleaning products, brooms, mops, buckets, ironing board, vacuum cleaner… and we haven’t even mentioned appliances yet!

When we meet with our clients, we determine answers to questions including: would you like washing hampers to separate dirty clothes? Do you have a stick vacuum? Do you prefer your linen press in this space also? We configure the space to our clients’ individual needs and specifications.


Multiple baskets and compartments make this ‘Redgum Ridge’ Laundry a dream!


Your washing machine and dryer can be located underbench, stacked or secured atop a plinth.  Gorgeous plinths are excessively handy when clients are not able to bend down and require appliances at a convenient height. BirdblackDesign considers every detail.


*Ironing Boards

If you require an ironing board, these can be installed onto a wall or integrated within joinery. This will come to down to individual requirements. Do you iron daily? Or once a week? Is this a spot of “me time” or “a hated chore”? We will accommodate our design according to your answer!

*Hanging Rails

Hanging rails are super popular and convenient: the perfect spot to hang ironing or drip dry clothes. We integrate these within the overhead cabinetry, often in combination with open shelving.

Hamptons Glam at ‘Sea Spray Residence’ proving a Laundry CAN be a place of clean and calm.

Birdblack Design LOVES a light and bright Laundry that oozes peace and quiet, whilst being practical and functional to a tee!
Let us change your Laundry from Dank to Swank!

Talk soon,
BD x