Hacks 101: Kitchen

Sometimes we just need to think outside of the box… or at least hire professionals to think outside the box for us!

It is often said that home is where the heart is. Here at Birdblack Design, we know that home is also where our stomachs are! We eat, we entertain (even more so in 2020), we prepare our school, university or work lunches, we snack on the lounge whilst bingeing entire seasons on Netflix. The Kitchen is our “homely” space – and therefore it is the space that needs to feel most homely.

Throughout the entire process, we tailor design every detail to meet the individual needs of our clients and their households.
Here are a few Birdblack Design Hacks that you may find helpful in keeping your Kitchen clean, organised and perfectly functional.

Appliance Cupboards

Is your benchtop full of cords? One for the toaster, one for the kettle, a couple for charging devices and all of a sudden your bench space is a haven for cords instead of prep space. Birdblack Design prefers to install designated cupboards where these smaller appliances can be utilised daily and then stored away.

Clever designing means no unsightly cord mess in your Kitchen; just room for cooking and eating. ‘Pallier Residence’ Interior Design: Birdblack Design Build: Cohesive Constructions Joinery Manufacture: Highkraft Kitchens Photography: Better Together Photography Co Stylist: Jessi Eve Stylist

Walk-In Pantry

Now if you have a WIP (Walk-In Pantry) your life is just SO MUCH better! Having a WIP is absolutely perfect for busy families, with busy lives. Traditionally, a WIP will house plenty of pantry storage for food items, smaller cooking appliances (toaster, sandwich press, kettle) and lovely bench space for prepping in peace and quiet. This means the main Kitchen can be kept clean whilst the family has their rushed Tuesday morning breakfast. It also means the main Kitchen can be kept clean during entertaining on Saturday night or Sunday afternoon. All the unsightly mess and prep can be stashed away in the WIP!

You can even have your largest fridge and freezer in your WIP, keeping the main Kitchen sleek and tidy. ‘Gilmore Residence’ Interior Design: Birdblack Design Build: Innovation Building & Design Joinery Manufacture: Paiano Custom Kitchens Photography: Better Together Photography Co Shoot Stylist: Interior Design

Butler’s Pantry

The piece de resistance of Walk-In Pantries is, of course, the Butler’s Pantry. The Butler’s Pantry comes fully equipped with plumbing, sinks and places for rubbish disposal. It is completely decked out with the larger appliances such as: oven, dishwasher, wine fridge, second fridge or freezer – ultimately whatever is required for your individual entertaining and family needs.

Ensure your main Kitchen is always picture perfect; ready for guests to drop by for a cuppa, wine or sumptuous feast! ‘Hillview Residence’ Interior Design: Birdblack Design Build: Warren Williams Joinery Manufacture: PKJ Joinery Photography: Better Together Photography Company

Secret Doors

Now whilst your WIP or BP can be an open space adjacent to the main Kitchen, we simply can’t mention WIPs and Butler’s Pantries without at least HINTING at the fact that you can have a SECRET DOOR concealing them splendidly. No one even needs to know!

Birdblack Design opts for swinging doors for perfect ease as you carry platters of food out to your guests. ‘Cato Residence’ Interior Design: Birdblack Design Builder: Graeme Carberry Builder Joinery: Marlix Bespoke Furniture & Joinery Photography: The Evoke Company Videography: Pipewolf Media

Main Appliances

Birdblack Design often finds clients a) own existing appliances that do not suit their needs or b) they don’t have enough appliances to cook everything at once. We find that many of our clients don’t have enough appliances within the home, meaning that entertaining cooking can literally take all day as you rotate in and out of the one, small oven and struggle to keep food cold with the one refrigerator. Who has time to cook all day long?

Birdblack Design considers all your appliances; so your feasts can be ready in a fraction of the time. ‘Ocean Breeze Residence’ Interior Design: Birdblack Design Build: Craig Bow Joinery Manufacture: Paiano Custom Kitchens Photography: Better Together Photography Co Stylist: Jessi Eve Stylist

Inadequate Bench Space

There is nothing more frustrating than discovering there is not enough bench space for your chopping boards, utensils and the hot pots and pans you are holding. Where do you set them down?!

Bench space is either in awkward positions, or small strips of space. This is not functional space.  As confessed food lovers, Birdblack Design guarantees we always consider your prep space within the kitchen, ensuring it is both functional and ergonomically appropriate.

We prefer a minimum of 500mm either side of your sinks, your cooktops and near your appliances. ‘Taylor Residence’ Interior Design: Birdblack Design
Build: Seacliff Constructions Joinery: Marlix Bespoke Furniture & Joinery Photography: Better Together Photography Co

We live for perfectly planned kitchens, family and friends, and of course, food! We promise that your dream Kitchen will be the heart of your home and fabulously functional too.

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