Getting cosy indoors – The living room

Like the term suggests, the living room is the space in our home whichwe live as a family. A space which allows us all to gather, where we interactwith one another and where we relax and rewind after our day. So I guess youcould say the living room is the heart of the home.

The living room should be space that is inviting, a space that appealsto all and one that creates a sense of comfort and luxury, and ultimately aspace in which you don’t want to leave. When designing your living roomconsider these points as they will create a successful space within your home.

Designed by Mim Design

Your style: Make it YOUR living room

Beforeyou start painting that wall or buying a whole new collection of furniture itis important to decide the type of style or feel you want your house to evoke.The living room can be the space which connects all aspects of the home. Sofirstly consider the style and overall feeling you want in the home. Do youwant to create a coastal retreat or a New York style loft space? Beginresearching different interior styles and layouts and create an inspirationboard of your favourite pieces, colour palettes or materials/textures you wouldlove to include. There are really no limits because this is your space.

Designed by Birdblack Design

Selecting a neutral colour palette is ideal for a living room space asit will provide you with a solid base for your design venture and will notrestrict you to the types of textures and additional colours you want toincorporate into the space. As we see it a blank canvas allows you to add yourpersonality to it.

The change in seasons not only offers us different choices in ourwardrobe, but also inspires our living rooms to be given a makeover. Winter andsummer interior trends vary as different needs are required for the spaces. Inwinter we want to be warm and cosy, so why not include stunning knitted throwsand blankets with soft cushions that make you want to snuggle into the loungeand read your favourite book or magazine whilst enjoying a cup of tea (orwine). Whereas in summer we spend most of our day outdoors, and therefore theliving room becomes a place that might invite an afternoon nap after an activeday or somewhere we retreat to get out of the heat. So for summer remove thoseheavy blankets and cushions and add some colour into the space with brightsummer ornaments (like the ever popular pineapple) and cushions.

Designed by Heartly Design

There is something very cumbersome about seeing exposed cables andelectrical equipment in a living room, so if possible it’s ideal to concealthese. It will also assist in removing the focus away from the TV within aliving space. Ideally you want this space to be used for a number of functions(socialising, reading a book or magazine, relaxing) not just watching TV. Byinstalling custom joinery to hide away these utility items it willautomatically improve the space.

Designed by Pipkorn & Kilpatrick Interior Architecture and design

Be creative and encourage the living room to be an exhibition space ofthe family that lives there. Allow it to evolve into a gallery that representsthe memories that have been made, through the inclusion of artifacts andobjects from family trips and the display of photographs. By including thesedetails with staple pieces, you will create a unique space which isaesthetically beautiful and meaningful to you and your family.

Written by Birdblack Design