Funky, Fresh & Contemporary: Kitchens

Like many dating homes requiring renovations, we find the existing kitchens may be tired, boxed in and lacking that contemporary edge. We find they may also suffer insufficient functionality which is quintessential to the modern family – whether that family consists of one person, a young couple, or a growing family with pets!

This week here at Birdblack Design, we are excited to reveal the incredible transformation found within our ‘Douglas Road Project’.

The above was found to be true at Douglas Road, but additionally, the space also had limitations, by way of an existing column which provided structural support to the home. This “limitation” we quite easily adapted into our design, incorporating it through the kitchen island. We created a beautiful divide between the living and kitchen areas, replicating another column and designing open shelves between the two. When renovating, there are always structural supports to consider. We highly recommend consulting with a professional prior to demolition – otherwise you may find you are renovating more of your home than you anticipated!

Our funky, fresh and contemporary ‘Douglas Road Project’.
Design: Birdblack Design
Photographed by: The Palm Co 

Every home’s kitchen varies in style and size, but ultimately kitchens exist to facilitate cooking, preparations and entertaining. Here we share our top factors for consideration in any kitchen renovation.

The existing structural support column in our ‘Douglas Road Project’ gets a second chance at life – now beautifully designed into the kitchen island.
Design: Birdblack Design
Photographed by: The Palm Co
A Before shot showing the existing structural column we had to work around.


If you are like us, we love to eat here at Birdblack Design. We certainly prefer the eating part of the night as opposed to the washing up part!  However, experience has made us wise when choosing sinks for our clients. How do they wash up? Do they require a double sink or is a single sink sufficient? Does their household require substantial room for pots, pans and plates for large gatherings?

The vast majority of our clients choose under-mount sinks for their kitchen – they provide seamless incorporation into the bench space and are much cleaner in comparison to inset sinks which stand out and can incur build up and grime around the edges. Birdblack Design loves the emergence of black and white sinks as these provide next level seamlessness when there may be minimal stainless steel and chrome featured throughout the interior. Integrated concrete sinks when opting for concrete benchtops is another delightful combination.

When it comes to your sink mixer, consider the style, the finish, and whether or not you would like a pull-out sink mixer? How do you feel about incorporating a veggie spray into your sink mixer?

Pull-out sink mixers are the best thing since, well… sliced bread! Pardon the kitchen pun but we did tell you we love to eat! Pull-out sink mixers have many functions: the main uses filling up pots and washing down the sink. We also find them quite handy in laundries for clients who need to bathe their pets.

Our ‘Douglas Road Project’ featuring a stunning gooseneck chrome and matte black sink mixer, synchronising the metal finishes throughout the interior.  
Design: Birdblack Design
Photographed by: The Palm Co


As food lovers, one of our collaborative pet peeves is when cooktops and sinks have annoyingly limited space either side. This is not functional space. Birdblack Design guarantees we will always consider your prep space within the kitchen, ensuring it is both functional and ergonomically appropriate.

We often try to incorporate or design large island benches for preparation space. This is perfect for today’s modern family – conversational cooking and every day preparation space. This is a far cry from the days of old where the person cooking was isolated in a room with four walls.


In the kitchen, it is essential that you install an efficient rangehood, along with opening windows. Without them, you risk that “old” cooking odour that seeps into your carpet, your furniture and even your clothing. Rangehoods and open windows are perfect for airflow and natural lighting.

In our ‘Taylor Street Project‘ we incorporated both opening windows and a ducted rangehood.
Design: Birdblack Design


Due to the extensive availabilities on the market, our clients tend to be slightly overwhelmed with the choices. This is where we step in. In our initial consultation with clients, we make our way through an extensive list of appliances, noting our clients’ preferences and necessities in their new kitchen design.

Our clients then go on a shopping excursion, where they get expert knowledge from our esteemed reps. Clients can even attend cooking demonstrations! Prior to this excursion, we advise our clients regarding colours and finishes, ensuring their choices work with the overall design of the kitchen.

Integrated appliances are absolutely divine; providing clean, seamless lines in the kitchen without the disturbance of chunky appliances. These may be more on the pricier side, but the aesthetic they provide is spectacular!

A 3D visualisation of our upcoming ‘Woonona New Build’ project featuring an integrated fridge.
We love the seamless aesthetic.  
Design: Birdblack Design


We design breakfast bar seating into most of our kitchens these days. Again, modern families seem to appreciate open plan spaces, conversational cooking and every day entertaining. Seating is generally dependant on how much space we have for the island; however we always endeavour to achieve our clients’ dreams.

When space is on the smaller scale, we opt for another popular design feature – the integration of the dining table into the kitchen island. Visually this adds a new dimension to the space, creating a sculptural piece.

A kitchen island with an integrated dining table: stunning sculptural space.
Design: The Designory


Everybody needs more storage these days, and with more home-cooks enjoying their kitchens, we ensure we opt for the most functional storage method. This can include wide, deep drawers and pull-out storage units.

Seamless,functional storage in our ‘Douglas Street Project’.
Design: Birdblack Design
Photographed by: The Palm Co


We love to incorporate open shelving into our designs. This allows our clients to personalise their interiors with greenery, cookbooks, ceramics and knickknacks. The shelving in our ‘Douglas Street Project’ is exquisite, with shelving at the rangehood and the open shelving above the fridge and island.

Open shelving sitting beautifully in our ‘Douglas Street Project’.
Design: Birdblack Design
Photographed by: The Palm Co 

We adore well thought-out kitchens, family, and of course the love and entertainment found within home life.  We are your bespoke specialists for both new builds and renovations so that you too can enjoy all of the above.

Written by Birdblack Design