DIY with Birdblack Design: Rachel’s Moodboard Tips

Hello and Welcome to another edition of DIY with Birdblack Design. This week our featurette is presented by the lovely Rachel Pace, Birdblack Design’s resident Interior Designer, Curator and Stylist.

Rachel has a multitude of talents and passionately gathers inspiration every single day: she is an artist through and through!

This week we reference the Design Room on Wednesday: The Brainstorm Sesh.

Click our sketch to read up on The Brainstorm Sesh

Rachel’s DIY is creating a moodboard. Moodboards can also be known as vision boards or even simply, collages. The most important aspect is to create a story, a theme, a mood or a feeling whilst putting together your moodboard.

Moodboards are a platform for inspiration and can be implemented to reflect any aspect of life: travel, floristry, future life goals, interiors, fashion or a simple DIY project! Whilst Moodboards are more commonly digital in the design world these days, Birdblack Design love to touch and feel materials and encourage our followers to do the same.

Flatlays are similar to moodboards…they most definitely create a mood / feeling etc. Flatlays are composed of materials, finishes and textures which are intended to be incorporated into a new interior / exterior. For more on Flatlays, check Instagram where we showcase Flatlays every week.

Step 1 – Gather Tools

Rachel’s tools of choice include a corkboard, push pins, a ruler and scissors. Rachel likes using pinboards as they allow flexibility in rearranging, mixing and matching and, of course, reusing content for future moodboards. Alternate tools include paper and glue or digitally on Microsoft PowerPoint or Adobe Indesign.

There are no right or wrong selections of materials… there is just creativity!

Step 2 – Gather Content

The fun part! Collect snippets of items which you love. Flick through magazines and catalogues; cut out anything that jumps out to you: a colour, material, interior image, travel destination, flora or fauna… the possibilities are endless!

Other items to collect include: hand sketches, photographs, quotes, postcards, fabrics, paint samples,wallpaper samples, joinery or samples.


Step 3 – Start with a Base

Rachel likes to start with a base: covering the cork with pattern, textures and base colours.  It is important to avoid perfection and overcrowding the board as this is the background. When pinning items to the board, layer them; bringing some items forward and position some back behind an image.


Keep your faves for the top layer so they capture attention!

Step 4 – Layering

Layer your images and materials on top of the background, ensuring visual balance. Be conscious of consistency in style and aesthetic, as you are telling a story, evoking a feeling, expressing a mood.


Mix and match until you are happy with the layout.

Step 5 – Complete

Now you have a fabulous creation and a constant source of inspiration made up entirely from a beautiful collection of things you love!


Just beautiful!

Now is the perfect time to get creative. Whether an arts and crafts project with your kids, a stress-reducing activity, or an opportunity to explore your own creative genius, Birdblack Design wants to help you in fun and creative ways.

TAKE PHOTOS OF YOUR CREATIONS AND ARTWORKS, post to instagram, TAG BIRDBLACK DESIGN and use the hashtag: #birdblackdesignbrainstormsesh

Birdblack Design will like and comment on every artistic and creative submission.

We are all in this together.

Talk soon,
BD x