Differentiating Home Styles – Contemporary

Today let’s look at one of the most popular current design styles; Contemporary design. In essence it’s about having the latest and greatest, keeping up with the most current innovation in design and inclusions. Modern design is as much about open plan living as it is about selecting the correct materials to help exemplify this specific style. It’s a fairly easy one to gather inspiration for as it’s current, so flick through the latest magazine, look online at Pinterest and Houzz and tune into the Block on TV.

Open plan layout

This is an important aspect for hitting contemporary style on the head. It doesn’t mean remove all of the walls in your home but it does mean thinking carefully about creating continuity between adjoining spaces. Open plan layouts work especially well in your kitchen and adjoining living spaces as well as your master ensuite with a seamless connection achieved between bedroom, walk in robe and ensuite. These two areas will add the greatest value to your home if done correctly. With our beautiful coastal climate be sure to think about how your indoor kitchen area relates to your outdoor entertaining space. A clever idea is to bridge the two spaces with bi-fold servery windows and doors.

Designed by Birdblack Design

Sleek Materials

Your material selection is critical in ensuring that the contemporary style is being met. Open plan design isn’t enough on its own so let’s ensure you make informed selections. The colour palette for modern design uses a lot of grey tones along with the accompaniment of earthy colours like your whites, blacks, and timbers. Timber colours in walnut tones to blackened timbers are the direction you want to head in. Steer away from blonde timbers as they are more fitted to coastal style.

Designed by Tamizo Architects 

Designed by Techne Architecture and Interior Design


Concrete is a brilliant man-made product that has found itself welcomed in more and more homes. It’s a versatile material that can be used for flooring, benchtops, bench seating and as decorative panels. It also comes in a variety of colours, patterns and finishes depending on how sleek or rustic you prefer the finish.

Designed by Matt Gibson


Plywood is one of the most affordable materials that you can incorporate into your home. When used naturally or with a clear coated finish it provides a paired back look that can accompany just about any colour. The material can also be painted in whatever colour you desire. Plywood is inexpensive to purchase and it easy to use which makes this simple product one of the most adaptable materials used in an array of current designs. Again it you can use it as flooring, wall panels or for the ultimate cool appeal construct your kitchen cupboards out of plywood.

Designed by Birdblack Design

Black & White Combo

Like fashion, you can never go wrong with this colour scheme. This combination is classic and exudes luxury. It can be used as a feature or it can become the perfect base for you to layer your space. The simple inclusion of cushions, throws, rugs or pendants in these tones will allow you to create a successful space. Why not experiment with different elements, by adding various textures from velvets to metals and timbers to fur, the range is endless.

Designed by Dylan Farrell

Copper & Brass Highlights

The use of copper and brass elements within a space dramatically improves a space, especially with the current trends of using natural and raw materials like concrete and plywood. These features can be included into any space through tapware, pendant lights, occasional tables or decorative elements like vases. The addition of copper and brass highlights within the space will lift the space and give it a luxurious personality.

Designed by Decus Interiors

Written by Birdblack Design