Designing the Perfect Robe

Who doesn’t dream of a master bedroom suite that resonates with 5 star luxury living? We can achieve these dreams! We utilise every inch of space to reate open floorplans consisting of bedroom, ensuite and plenty of robe space.

Designed by Birdblack Design

If you’ve seen our master bedroom suite designs before you’ll know we are fans of open plan living and combining the spaces in a way that promotes open space but still gives you privacy when needed. This also applies forward robes and in particular walk in robes. Your robe plays an important role in housing all of your clothes, shoes, bags & purses, linen and jewellery so it’s important to plan it out and ensure everything has been accounted for.

Designed by Handelsmann & Khaw

Here are a few inclusions that you may not have thought about before;

1.       Utilise the ceiling height

There is no need to have a shelf set at 2000mm high when you can use the space above as resourceful storage. One of our common robe inclusions is called a robe lift and the particular brand we specify is from Hafele. A robe lift allows you to have half height hanging right to the top of your robe. If you were to have a fixed hanging rail that high it would be a nightmare trying to reach it. So how the robe lift combats this problem is by having a reachable handle that you simple pull on and the rail glides down making your clothes easily accessible. Once you’ve got what you need you gentle push the handle up and it self-automatically lifts your clothes back up.

Designed by Mim Design

2.       Finish them off beautifully

The materials you use are important. We believe that your robes should not be an afterthought.Why can’t they look stunning too? If you’ve got an open plan suite then the robes really should look like an included piece of furniture-not a white melamine flat pack that’s trying to fit into the space.Look at the materials you’re using and make sure there’s harmony between your vanity and the tiles you’ve selected. Everything should flow and look like it was in the plan from the beginning. If you have open shelves or hanging space it’s a nice idea to finish these off with the same material as the robe doors rather than having the cheaper white exposed internals showing.

Designed by Madeleine Blanchfield Architects

3.       The finer details

As mentioned at the start of this article your robe doesn’t just have to house your clothes, it can be whatever you want it to be. If you own precious jewellery or have lovely bottles of perfume then have you thought about displaying them rather than putting them in a drawer never to be seen? Having a glass topped joinery unit can make a space look extremely luxurious without really having to do too much. It also makes finding that necklace much easier to find and then never get tangled- now that alone has to be a bonus!

Designed by Alwill Interiors


If you want a robe that will make you smile every time you walk into it then plan well. Write out a list of every single item you own. This way you’ll ensure you’ve allowed enough lineal metres of hanging space, enough pull out drawers for your shoes, enough pull out tie and belt racks, enough deep drawers for winter woollies and enough open shelves for large items like hat boxes.Envision your robe with the idea that it’s a piece of furniture and not an afterthought. Having a beautifully designed robe will make a space go from good to great in no time and we are sure you’ve always dreamt of having it this way.

Written by Birdblack Design