Design Trends of 2020

It is important as creative people to immerse yourself in a creative lifestyle. Two weeks ago, as a team, Birdblack Design took the day out of the studio, away from clients and projects and deadlines and went on an excursion to the showrooms of Sydney.

As designers, decorators, stylists and writers, we needed to take the day “away from the grind” and be inspired with the latest designs, the latest trends, the fashion colours of 2020 and luxurious fabrics and materials. We looked, we felt, we learned, we dreamed, we imagined. We had trusted representatives meet us by appointment at all the showrooms.
Alana, Daniel and Steph did a fantastic job taking care of us and guiding us through their respective immersive learning experiences.

Here are some upcoming trends for 2020:


We certainly saw a nod to the 1970’s coming through in terms of both colours and textures. Mustard is making a huge comeback, as are muted shades of purples, greens, pinks and blues, leaning into very earthy colour palettes. Accents are created in these colour palettes with brass, golds and greys. Pastels and neons are not so much in the forefront this year, but don’t let that hold you back!

This navy blue velvet lounge screams 1970’s at ‘Chester Residence’ in Detroit, USA. We would even consider the flights just to chill here for the weekend! Ultimate comfort!


American oak timber is looking fabulous for 2020: tables, chairs, flooring, you name it! The lighter tones complemented the abovementioned 70’s colour palettes beautifully, whilst the darker tones of the American oak (medium browns right through to blacks) looked stunning against polished concrete, brushed nickel and polished chromes.
Terracotta, terrazzo and tan leathers are also high on the must-have list!

This tan leather bed-head is EVERYTHING! Our clients at ‘Cato Residence’ wake up every morning feeling glamorous.


We saw (and lovingly ran our hands over) COUNTLESS fabrics. Indian silks, Chinese silks, Himalayan mohair (goat hair), Argentinian wool, and even a polyester fibre made out of recycled plastic bottles! The Birdblack Design Team oohed and aahed over this fabric and stood in disbelief at how unbelievably SOFT it was! This is a perfect fabric for a rug in a sunroom, made for relaxation.

This combo of solid Blackbutt timber and this gorgeous teal window seat deliver a fabulously relaxing coastal vibe at ‘Girvan Residence’.


In terms of lighting, we saw lots of innovative new designs: plenty of brass, lots of crystal, creative silk lighting designs and lots of Argentinian wood. From pendant lighting to sculptural and artistic wall lighting, we love to think outside the box! We also love practicality so we took note of the flush-to-the-wall light fittings, with swivel arms, perfect for the bedroom.

‘Spring Residence’ stands poised with ebony walnut timber and brass pendant lighting. Classic and classy.

As creative people, we simply adore exploring and experiencing… and then applying! Keep your eyes on our social media platforms for our flat lays and mood boards, as this is a good way to see how to mix and match colours, textures and materials to create styles. You might choose blue leather for coastal homes, pink and brass for modern contemporary, green terrazzo and nickel for modern industrial. The options are endless and we LOVE to play, so come play with us and let’s create wonderful homes and spaces together!

Talk soon,
BD x