Delicious and Delectable Dining Rooms

As we have mentioned along the way, the Birdblack Design team are food fanatics.  This means we are 100% on-board with the delightful fusion between food and furniture. Since we completely appreciate a good-looking and comfortable space to wine and dine, (and yes, even enjoy our morning coffee and toast), we design Dining Rooms passionately with family, friends and food in mind!

With modern floor plans generally including open-plan spaces, the dining room is rarely ever a standalone room.  Most commonly, they are located within the open living area, along with a casual living room and, of course, the kitchen.

Here at Birdblack Design, we have certainly discovered that purchasing a dining table it isn’t as easy as going down to the homeware store and picking up whatever appeals to you. There are many other aspects to consider.

A custom dining table was the perfect design solution for our ‘Spring Street’ Project, where space was slightly limited. Design: Birdblack Design Photographed by: The Palm Co

Location – No one enjoys eating in a cold and dark corner. Therefore, it is important to consider where within your open plan living is the most suitable area for dining? As part of our design process, we contemplate not only the sizeof the space but also natural lighting.

Design: Mim Design

Consistency and Cohesion (Material Selections) – The gorgeous dining table finish reflects the joinery featured within the adjoining kitchen.  Due to the close proximity between the kitchen island and the dining room table, bar stools are rendered unnecessary, allowing the stone to steal the limelight spectacularly!

Proportion + Size – One of the most important aspects for aesthetic appeal: the table should not be too large or cumbersome for the space. Nor should it be dwarfed against walls in a corner. It is well worth getting out a measuring tape, ensuring the available space for both dining table and its accompanying chairs prior to committing to a purchase. Don’t forget to include the room required for a chair to be pushed out from the table. Squeezing between dining chairs and walls is awkward and uncomfortable.  Awkward and uncomfortable are not in the vocabulary of Birdblack Design.

We love designing custom dining tables attached to kitchen islands. This is ideal when space may be limited. Additionally, the area is provided with a sculptural aspect, adding decadent style and flair!

We have applied this feature in quite a few of our projects: ‘Spring Street’, ‘Benelong Street’ and ‘Chester Street’ to name a few! This is certainly a growing trend in the design world.

Check out each of the above projects in the Kitchen Design Galleries on our website to discover more!

Colour + Finish – Choosing materials which are practical for the household is essential. Keep in mind other surrounding materials, ensuring all your selections are complementary and work in harmony.

A solid timber top was a stunning material choice for our ‘Benelong Street’ Project.Design: Birdblack Design Photographed by: My Little Love Photography

Dining Chairs – There are so many options when it comes to choosing a dining chair.

Do you prefer chairs with arms or without?

How about material selection – timber, fabric, cane leather or plastic?

Are all your chairs going to be identical?

Whilst you may have all the answers to these questions, you must also consider whether everything ties in together, working in conjunction with your selected dining table. It is crucial all dimensions of the chairs and table are confirmed prior to purchasing.

Birdblack Design assures our clients every aspect is considered when a dining room concept.  We draw to the very millimetre using our CAD program, ensuring an accurate layout and selection.

A custom dining table adjoining the kitchen island was the most space effective solution for our ‘Chester Street’ Project.We adore the symmetry.Design: Birdblack Design Photographed by: Matt Mateo Photography

Rug – When space allows, a rug is a great way to formalise and zone a dining area. It is also the perfect way to add colour, pattern and texture to a space!

Centrepiece – A dining space is not complete until it is gorgeously styled to picture perfect standards. You can opt for a floral arrangement, trays, ceramics, décor and/ or placemats. The same rules apply for the décor, consider the proportion! Enjoy the colour, patterns and texture here too.


Lighting – Statement lighting above a dining table can formalise the area as well as doing wonders for space zoning in an open-plan room. A light pendant can range from slim and simple to bold and dramatic. It is important to consider your surroundings and the ceiling height when sourcing a light.

A custom brass linear pendant shines bright in our ‘Spring Street’ Project.Design: Birdblack Design Photographed by: The Palm Co

Our team is full of foodie fanatics, so you know we have your back when it comes to food and how you want the Dining Room to look whilst you enjoy your meals! Furniture and food: we really do have the perfect job!!

Written by Birdblack Design